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  1. No_Reality

    This ain't Portland!

    Maybe its to bring back memories of the game we all loved back in the day!
  2. No_Reality

    do we want petrol in cars YES OR NO

    is hard enough to get away from the police as it is. petrol, would probably only bring complaints since it would get quite annoying, when you run out in the middle of an INTENSE car chase
  3. No_Reality

    Favorite GTAIV Car

    The Infernus Oh and the Anhilirator, if that counts
  4. No_Reality

    GTA to return to Vice City in 2009?

    I think rockstar has to get a little creative and come up with a new location again like they did in San Andreas, Another state like that or something would be awesome, but something famous tho
  5. No_Reality

    Hookers in GTA VC

    It took me longer to figure out how to get a hooker in VC but YES they do exist, the slutty ones with the red tops are best, its different than in gta 3 because this time you have to honk the horn at them, i think
  6. No_Reality

    holy crap

    haha yea, you can also buy food from the food stands at the mall when your health is low, and you get to listen to some ridiculously random line from the employee