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  1. hmm. the link is a dead end can you give another. to lasy to google xD
  2. NFS: MW is one of the best games EA aver made the graphics are very good but i orderd Carbon so i hope that's even better and i competed MW 100 %
  3. ^ has to dissapiont him <dousn't knows either V gives me a cookie cause i'm hungry
  4. ^ agrees < isn't going to tell what i said in dutch V is going to hit me if i don;t
  5. ^ if he want's to come to holland you're invited <gaat ff lekker nederlands praten (is going to speak dutck ) V Does'nt understand this
  6. ^ is completely wrong < is bored V doesnt't bothers i'm bored xP
  7. Hi, I have SA V2 but used the downgrader from slayers sig and installed a mod exetly how it was told in the readme (it's an mod from JVT) halfway the loading screen i get an error message but i don't know what it says because the GTA screen is over it does anyone knows how to fix this
  8. isn't a zap some kind of drugs becouse when you enter one of her missions she is totaly stoned with some zap next to her.
  9. I think it's that clothing store.. i don't know either what island is the mission on?
  10. if you go to italie just for the cars i would say you're cracy bt that's my opinion.
  11. psp is the best: gaming anywhere anytime :P and you have access to the internet :D:D
  12. I would take the playstation 3 because i had an psx ps1 ps2 and i have a psp so i am fermilliar with the ps systems.
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