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  1. .Spongerob.

    Balloon Guide [with pics]

    hmm. the link is a dead end can you give another. to lasy to google xD
  2. .Spongerob.

    Need For Speed:Most Wanted

    NFS: MW is one of the best games EA aver made the graphics are very good but i orderd Carbon so i hope that's even better and i competed MW 100 %
  3. .Spongerob.

    The ^<v Game

    ^ has to dissapiont him <dousn't knows either V gives me a cookie cause i'm hungry
  4. .Spongerob.

    The ^<v Game

    ^ agrees < isn't going to tell what i said in dutch V is going to hit me if i don;t
  5. .Spongerob.

    The ^<v Game

    ^ if he want's to come to holland you're invited <gaat ff lekker nederlands praten (is going to speak dutck ) V Does'nt understand this
  6. .Spongerob.

    The ^<v Game

    ^ is completely wrong < is bored V doesnt't bothers i'm bored xP
  7. .Spongerob.

    SA Modding Guide

    Hi, I have SA V2 but used the downgrader from slayers sig and installed a mod exetly how it was told in the readme (it's an mod from JVT) halfway the loading screen i get an error message but i don't know what it says because the GTA screen is over it does anyone knows how to fix this
  8. .Spongerob.

    least favorie car

    i really hate the cargobob :S
  9. .Spongerob.

    What cars would you like to see modded?

    i would like the sweeper with working sirenes
  10. .Spongerob.

    WTF is zap?!

    isn't a zap some kind of drugs becouse when you enter one of her missions she is totaly stoned with some zap next to her.
  11. .Spongerob.

    WTF is zap?!

    oh ok problem solved
  12. .Spongerob.

    WTF is zap?!

    I think it's that clothing store.. i don't know either what island is the mission on?
  13. .Spongerob.

    Going to Europe

    if you go to italie just for the cars i would say you're cracy bt that's my opinion.
  14. .Spongerob.

    Favourite Console ?

    psp is the best: gaming anywhere anytime :P and you have access to the internet :D:D
  15. .Spongerob.

    Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii

    I would take the playstation 3 because i had an psx ps1 ps2 and i have a psp so i am fermilliar with the ps systems.