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  1. LinuxTrance

    Post your PC

    Ah my old setup , I will update it soon
  2. LinuxTrance

    Introduce Yourself..

    I know, I think I will use this account, But I still want my old one back once an administrator gets online .
  3. LinuxTrance

    Cant load saved game! ps3

    Could you tell me what game you tried saving?
  4. LinuxTrance

    Your most favorite GTA game.

    GTA: San Andreas, Well I only voted for this because I play alot of SA-MP. + Its a popular game to buy or have .
  5. LinuxTrance

    A little forum housekeeping

    necro-post, What are you on about.
  6. LinuxTrance

    Introduce Yourself..

    Already done .
  7. LinuxTrance

    Introduce Yourself..

    I remember you too! How you doing , and I will, Just read the rules and posted my desktop so go check that out , I and others think it is pornography
  8. LinuxTrance

    Post your desktop

    Wow you guys fail! What I have below is pornography 1. 2. And before you ask no I am not sending you the hack folders...
  9. LinuxTrance

    A little forum housekeeping

    I agree with doing this house keeping, It may also speed up the forum. Please make it go ahead . It will be for all our benefits
  10. LinuxTrance

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello I am Ash, I used to have an account "Ash-Bash" But some how I have forgotten the Email address I used for it, The password, And the user name <Phail. Anyway You will have to treat me like any other new member because I can't really remember anything about this but any way I am back and here to stay . - Ash.