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  1. You're either an idiot or a douche bag. Which one is it? Damn, I want bears and horses so bad!!! it's odd that they would put in wild pigs or killer whales (Which i do not believe live near Southern California at all) before bears.
  2. Hey all, just out of curiosity, what new wildlife can we find in the new release of GTA5. Due to how busy I am with school I won't be getting the game for another month but I want to know cuz that was my favorite part about the game
  3. Hammerhead sharks??? is there going to be new stuff in the next-gen versions of the game?
  4. Yeah I can see you CLEARLY didn't follow any news.... Dingle berry
  5. I thought we were supposed to be able to enter most buildings but ive found that the number of enterable buildings is even less than GTA 4. Ive seen a casino, malls, restaurants, liquor stores etc that i cant go inside. Do they eventually unlock or were rockstar just lying to us?
  6. Where do i get scuba gear?
  7. Looks like Rockstar did it again with the music, cuz the GTA V sound track is just as bad as IV =/ wth is the deal these days. SA's was good, VC's was good but the music in IV and V is terrible
  8. Heres another interesting read about it with map comparisons http://kotaku.com/the-internet-reacts-to-grand-theft-auto-vs-map-and-its-1291714182
  9. Hmm that looks promising haha. All right I actually feel a lot better now
  10. hmm we'll see when the game actually comes out but i dont think it looks that big. and i was hoping the actual city of LS would be bigger. its way too small
  11. http://www.idigitaltimes.com/articles/19847/20130910/gta-v-release-date-spoilers-map-leak.htm According to this article this is real? but it looks awfully small to what i expected. especially the metropolitan LS area. it's tiny =/
  12. Well so far i am completely dissatisfied with the music. I sure hope it gets better =/ and OMG, the news flash on the police page is a true story. it happened in hawthorne, CA
  13. First thing im gonna do is check out the wildlife, particularly the sharks and mountain lions. and then explore the countryside
  14. I think i love you now! Please ban him. all he ever does is post unfounded complaints about the game and company that this forum is all about, and the complaints are never contributive whatsoever. Nothing irritates me more than what he has to say about every news update
  15. Yeah i am not a fan of the special abilities and attributes
  16. For the analysis, what do you think about the police cars in Franklin's trailer? Those aren't LAPD cruisers, so maybe theres 2 cities? or rockstar decided to use a generic looking police car instead of an exact replica of an LAPD car. I hope we still see LAPD cars in 5 cuz it was cool seeing exact replicas of NYPD cars in 4
  17. Yeah i completely agree! CVG's was much better. Holy shit i cant wait to rob stores and ATMs. i wonder if you'll be able to rob people too
  18. Ummm you may want to read IGN's review again as it says in GTA 4 you can only enter 1 in 500 buildings. not GTA 5
  19. I'm worried because of this. Rockstar seems to really be going all out with this game. and generally when companies go all out, it means theyre ending the series. metal gear solid for example, originally, MGS4 was supposed to be the last game and they went waaaaayyyyyyyyy all out.
  20. Look at minute 1:53. either this game is going to take place in a couple different cities or they decided not to go with a realistic looking model of a police car, cuz that cruiser shown looks nothing like LAPD cars
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