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  1. Whats the first place you all think you're gonna visit in GTA V? I am definitely heading for grove street if its there or to see what became of it!
  2. PLANES! - quote - Fear not, they are returning in what is our biggest open world game to date.
  3. I dont know if this happens all the time but if i let Kate die her ghost keep calling me from an unknown number and we go out!!!! Wtf!!! But thats Kool though./...
  4. Hey Chris you should update the Gta IV Modding forum opening date too..But man did they state the reason for the delay...I think it has something to do with Nfs Undercover....
  5. hey chris i just wanted to know if u could like create a package download of all the realeased screenshots so far?? so we can just download the pack instead of having to download each......
  6. Did you all realize that in each of the trailers the graphics keep on depreciating? first 1 waz superb compared to this one. But this one still is the best! ROCKSTAR ROCKS!!!!
  7. hey man you need to remove the countdown
  8. hey there is a tc for san andreas at (http://files.filefront.com/Full+Conversion+San+Andreas20/;4744430;/fileinfo.html) hope i dont get banned for showing you guts this. but its real cool. every car is modded and all signs and dtuff but its real large. 600 mb or so..
  9. hey suppose they give you planes in the episodic contents. thats probably how they will insert planes.
  10. i think they are talking about gta 1 and gta 2. you do earn points for killing cops
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