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  1. This is not an argument..... I agree with what you say on hydra but on the fastest car poll i dont think so it's the same for all ..... cause you just have to ride bullet & hotring racer - VROCKPOKEY(cheat) And the stylish car .... not at all turismo ... you just have to mod the car jester and look ....... it can be modded at san fierro's western area workshop ............. anyway thanks 4 polling
  2. Best images of the best vehicles.This plane is called Hydra And here are some more.....[attachme nt=4158:gallery82.jpg]
  3. :'( Can anyone send me a save game after the mission in which we have to fly a RC helicopter in SAN FIERRO ???? :'(
  4. Please add me as a friend of yours new users..... it's.... a request ... becau'se i don,t have many friends yu know..... :'(
  5. I am a hindu but i'm with you on that chris , i feel just the same way like U do
  6. I like san fierro but i love los santos more ...
  7. Hi!!!!!! my codename is nmp boy !! i am new among U !!! though i'm new i have visited this site more than a 50 times ... i think!!??
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