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  1. I've had a couple like that. Been killed by the spawning more than once. Ironically one time it was an Ambulance that hit me! And on the bank job, stood inside the door I shot them both to swing open, switched to a grenade, and threw it out. At that point a cop must have shot the door as it swung back, and kind of like a return in tennis fired it back inside, at which point I dived but packie didn't. Result he died and mission failed. It took me about 6 attempts to do that mission!
  2. Last one I finished was the Bank job after about 7 attempts, the next set are getting a lot harder now.
  3. Standard Whizz theme, did have the Sprunk one but it made the texts difficult to see. Ringtone is the CSI program one.
  4. Ok, I've read a couple of topics that hinted to a ghost in the sprunk factory (I know that's fake btw). The other day I'd just and so opened the 3rd Island and so was cruising around on a PCJ 600 when I saw the factory, had a ride round and saw a door that looked like an opening one. Jumped off the bike and stepped inside. The place looked like it had been abandoned for years, the floors had all collapsed to the cellar and there was a sewage pipe draining into the middle. Most of the windows were smashed and there was a big hole in the roof. As I walked in one of the electric boxes sparked, so for some reason I was equipped with a pistol so I shot at it. Now I have subtitles enabled as it makes it easier to follow cut scenes, and just after I shot I got a subtitle saying "Your outta here". At which point I panicked and ran outside, a couple of people ran past so I gunned them both down with an Assault Rifle. I jumped on the bike and gunned it out of there. Since then I've explored the full area, including the tunnels that lead into the factory at the bottom, and found nothing. All I can suggest is the guards from "Honkers" (which is at the bottom of the street) are a little over protective, I've not yet found the person who said it but I'm sure it's not a ghost or anything silly like that. Anyone else seen this?
  5. Get one, recommend it to anyone 2nd best phone Nokia ever made (Best being the 6300 for sheer robustness and ease)
  6. Like the sound of both DLCs on disk - Any ideas how much in the UK?
  7. I only ever use pictures I've taken myself as backgrounds. Here's the Lappy one.. Pic taken while cleaning my mums car, love the reflection!
  8. Nice to see so many people using proper phones (Nokia's), GTA Don I used to have a 5310i XpressMusic, brilliant phone! He's mine.. 1. Car Keys, Front Door. 2. A couple of Pens 3. Nokia N96 16GB 4. Sunglasses 5. Wallet containing Monies, cards, drivers license ect...
  9. Last one I did was Luck of the Irish, the next one is a tricky one though.
  10. Couple of stupid questions, but here we go. Number 1... I've recently got to the stage where you move to the 2nd safehouse (I know not far, spent a lot of time messing around!). Will the "Residents Parking Only" space outside the 1st safehouse still store vehicles for me? Also, how many cars can they hold. They look big enough to almost get 2 in (or at least 1 and a bike) but have never tried it. Thanks, David.
  11. The Dukes is great for going sideways. I love using it round the twisty streets looking like the chase scene from Bullet. I also have the Comet or SuperGT for going fast. Also the tipper lorry for being plain unstoppable!
  12. Imo the Comet is an amazing handling car, hardly ever wheelspins and turns so well. I can drive it so much faster as I like to throw cars around in my driving style, and the Comet refuses to slide till much later. Just giving a SuperGT a good going over lately. Not as quick but looks really good and has Supercharger Whine
  13. My favorite is simple - Seeing just how far I can catapult Niko out of the windscreen in a bad accident.
  14. Favorite two atm are the Comet and the Super GT. Also enjoy the Sabre Turbo for sideways fun
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