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  1. lOl Why..? xD

    Hey We bOtH SamE AgE xD

  2. From My side.. Replace the GTA3.img with the original one.. Re-Install your GTA SA..
  3. Are you kidding me..? U want Pulsar 200 in GTA SAN ANDREAS.. Whoa.. And you want to make it..? Do you know Maya..? Its too tuff to make a bike model .. BTW you cant get a model of Pulsar 200 in GTA SA anywhere.. - _- No one made it... By the way you've driven Pulsar 200..? Its an awesome bike.. Indian bike.. India ROCKS...! M sorry pulsar 200 in GTA SA is not made yet.. :| Go to www.gtaplace.com for some other bike mods.. Ch33rs..!
  4. You definetly look like Indian CJ :D

  5. Grand Theft Auto:V (Five) OR Grand Theft Auto:Copland Where the player will be a Cop..
  6. ( This game crashes a lot.. Re-Installing also doesnt work.. Please help me..! I need HELP... HHHHHHEEELLLLPPPP ! (
  7. Here goes PEDSTATS.DAT and MAIN.SCM for Moey999.. Cheers Buddy.. AND YEAH. THIS SITE RULES WARRIOR13 ^^ I POSTED MAIN.SCM TOO CHEERS Moey999.rar
  8. thanx brother,.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  9. Hi Guys, GTA:SA crashes while the misson drive-by.. When sweet says "Carl you just take care about the driving and we'll do the shooting" I request you guys to please post a saved game after this misson.. Or if you've got a solution thats even more better.. Here are my system's Specs.. Intel Dual Core 2.80 GHz 1 GB OF RAM Nvidia GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS 512 MB 160 GB OF HDD And yeah.. This game works nice on my GPHX Card..!
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