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  1. This may seem akward but can anyone that has GTA London 1969 post its audio file for me? Please!!! I really need it!!!!!!
  2. i was searching through vice peds found on a site and i found this!!!!!!!! i'm not sure if it is edited, not by me for sure, but she scary!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. easy peasy you can make your own colours!! add replace delete etc so you have the car name and a lot of numbers. now relax, this is not complicated each car has two colours. primary and secondary. note police and enforcer have a small image with car colour. lets take the ambulance. the primary(first) is the basic white colour. secondary(second) is the stripe. open carcols with notepad here's a colour example (45,2) [don't include brackets!] after each colour make comma and space like this 45,2, 65,45 now you can start adding and replacing and whola. if you have ggmm(Gta garage mod manager) you can view the 3d models. one last this. you get the numbers from the carcol palette. google carcols it should be on wikipedia. scroll down http://www.gtamodding.com/index.php?title=Carcols.dat hope this helps !!! way much easier than using a program right??
  4. [Edit] i forgot to say, i'll upload some screenies later!
  5. Hi. i need some help with modding -How Do you change police siren colours? -the chopper that comes to you at 3 stars isn't on the carcols (car colour list) and i wish to make it black -i wanted to make roads darker, but all txds in the generic folder semm to be 8 bit. i tried making new txd 32 bit and deleting the original. didn't work. 8 bit sucks. how do i change the bits? i use txdworkshop thats all i can think so far now about the mod. it is a total conversion (but unfortunatly not map mod, coz everytime i mapmod i end up with a rotating building or something!! lolz oh and a texture conversion only ....maybe features police cars are white, they say 'pulizija' instead of lcpd, and the lcpd badge is replaced by the maltese police badge enforcers dark blue. billboard are replaced with maltese billboards like: gonzi billboard, airmalta and stuff like that maybe new sounds i'll try to make txd as high quality as possible. more stuff i can't think of don't know when i'll finish it thanks and please post ideas or what you think!!!
  6. oh definetly 'act like you konw' by fat larry's band
  7. back at the time we didn't have enough memory to store onto. you cant make a different face for all cops that would take up space. these are minor things that if forgotten the game would be nice.
  8. GTAVeteran

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Stuff that would be nice in gta 5 -Being able to open back doors, trunks hoods -In your safehouse you can cook, use items such as forks, knives, watch tv etc -Being able to fly all over the world (if they can get a SUPER blue ray disk!!) -GTA 2 respect system (you gain/lose respect from gangs) -this may sound far fetched, but it would be nice if every ped could have his own life, family. -Destoyible building and terrain -If a car gets destroyed emergency vehicles such as tow trucks and cop cars appear on sight to remove the vehicle and investigate how it happened -Physiscs that will blow your mind -Apart from reality, they should keep the old kun concept of the old gta games, not to realistic, and not no physics at all and no great features, in other words, they should balance reality and fun -Being able to fly into space -This is kinda of a bad thing to do, but it would be nice to see kids and animals on the streets. Let me expain. Rockstar was gonna put kids in gta 3 beta, but removed it from the full version- reason: you can't just go and murder kids. kids never seem to die. not in video games, not in movies (ok maybe sometime) but it's just to.....erm.....innocent this is all i think so far
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