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  1. Dunno if you're still around mate, but if you are, get the fuck back to TGTAP and give me some company! Earthbound misses thee!

  2. Woot first comment!

  3. Ryu made him that sig, remember? E-mail validation would be good...if there was always an administrator online.
  4. Alright, now I have been seeing some people with huge sigs, and it's making the forums laggy. Therefore, me and Chris put ours heads together and decided to make a topic explaining the new policy. Therefore, here are the rules: Max Signature Size is 480 x 120 pixels You have a 480 x 50 pixel space for text under your sig There is a maximum of 2+ images for each signature (if the images combined equal 480 x 120 pixels or less) Here's an example of a fully sized signature at the very limit: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, if the member is in a forum gang, he/she will be allowed to also have a small mini-banner for the gang in his/her signature if he/she chooses not to wear the sig provided by the gang. Also Please try to host your images. Hosting images on the gta place takes up space and badwidth. That's all. Thanks for reading.
  5. Alright, I'm back. Now, I'm taking all my money back from the Blue Horizon. It's still yours CC, but I want my money.
  6. The casino stays and you now run it. Oh yeah, and CC, come to GTADiscussion. The Sopranos are still running over there.
  7. As long as you people keep spreading crap about me, the longer I'll be checking up on this topic. @Smartboy: Die. kthx. Learn to spell first, then die. @SpasMod: Why don't you go OD on those pills of yours? @Insane: You're the best.member.EVAR. bitches
  8. I just came back to say that I would rather die then let that happen. Also, I had some money to send
  9. Well, I'm sure SpasMod will love this. I'm leaving the GTA Place. Gone. De-mod me, ban me, whatever. These forums are starting to be as spammy as the old ones, and I'm not going to watch. I'm not leaving because of any one idiot member or for any one reason. Frankly, these forums kind of suck now. Sorry Chris. I'll still be on MSN and at GTAD and GTAF. Sopranos are closing down, so I guess you'll need some new official gangs. kthx. Bye.
  10. Notice how I'm not on there I'd probably win a most-hated member poll hands-down
  11. The PenisKillers (The Ladykillers) The GodPenis (The Godfather)
  12. Number 1, with the rifle. Like small said though, they're too plain.
  13. Allah really does exist, and he loves me
  14. I doubt it'll be multiplayer in a sense like that. I mean, it could work, but the thing would be so crowded it's unlikely.
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