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  1. Trickstar

    San Andreas Stories

    Really big, .
  2. Trickstar

    San Andreas Stories

    Update March 13th, 2010 After the recent corruption of the main.scm, we have decided to use this as an opportunity to rewrite the story, making it even better. We actually are changing some names, adding a more deepening introduction to the game and are taking a much more organised approach towards making the game to prevent another corruption.
  3. Trickstar

    Color changer?

    What your wanting to acheive has nothing to do with SCM Coding, it is data files. I don't know off the top of my head which one so you'll have to look around. You could also do it with scripting, however, but it would be alot more indirect and effective.
  4. Trickstar

    CLEO 4 Released

    Yes I am aware, Alien made the post. Anyways, I highly doubt that Alien would make an assumption like that on Seemanns own forum. Also after looking through the whole topic, Seemann never denied it.
  5. Trickstar

    Color changer?

    Your stuck if you couldn'y even manage to make a car spawner.
  6. Trickstar

    CLEO 4 Released

    Well, even though CLEO 3 was so great, there is a new update that makes CLEO even better. CLEO 4 is now available. It was announced on this page of SannyBuilder Forums. Currantly the help files are not in English, but are in the process of translation. Download v4.0.2.34: http://www.grandtheftauto-gaming.com/download/file/cleo/cleo- Download v4.1.0.1 (requires password): (link unusable) Password: _CLEO_4*( The post on Sanny Builder Forums is in Russian, however I have translated it here.
  7. Trickstar

    San Andreas Stories

    Update February 7th, 2010 We have decided to put several extra features from San Andreas back into the mod. This includes Pool, Food Venders, Gym, and some other things.
  8. Trickstar

    Mod/Download Approval FAQ

    Please approve my mod "Empire Mode," it was created by myself and I have uploaded it on several other sites under this same username and on one has nearly 2000 downloads and 5 star rating, so it contains no viruses.
  9. Trickstar

    San Andreas Stories

    Update January 30th, 2010 Deji is now on the team, hopefully the scripting process will be much faster now.
  10. Trickstar

    Gun-to-head Suicide mod or script help.

    Requires animating the pointing the gun to the actors head because one does not exist. Then make a script loading the sound of the gun then playing the animation right before the gun noise sounds, then actor health opcode = 0.
  11. Trickstar

    San Andreas Stories

    Well, send me a voice sample and (most likely), your in.
  12. Trickstar

    San Andreas Stories

    Update December 28th, 2009 Sica, is now officially on the team. He is a modeller/texturer. Thanks to him, the player now has the ability to switch clothes just like in the original SA. This is still a group effort, however, he made the player model for Rob, now Kowaah is texturing the original clothes. Myself and gtasearcher are working on a change clothes script, it will have a much faster and more plesant process when changing clothes instead of having to wait for the character to enter and exit each time.
  13. Trickstar

    San Andreas Stories

    From what I see so far its ok, but we do like quality, not mass, if you will see, all of our staff so far are some of the best at what they do. Now, those PEDs you made, were they modelled or textured? Either way I think it would be ok because they have nice quality. EDIT: Mis judgement, I saw your brothers link, not yours, after review, I must wait until you are done getting your mod approved.
  14. Trickstar

    San Andreas Stories

    presents a San Andreas Modification In San Andreas 1999 business is booming, ever since the mysterious disappearance of Carl Johnson, a gangster turned businessman, the Italian mafia has taken it's place in San Fierro and Las Venturas and are having interests in Los Santos, where the once powerful Grove Street Families have fallen, and brought the troublesome Ballas back to power. Roberto Lupo, an ex-wise guy from the Sindacco Las Venturas connection, is now in debt to his old family and is put into a hole he is having to get out of, who is sick of being the underdog and wants his own share of power. This is the story of Roberto's adventure across the state of San Andreas for power and respect. Statements From Developers: Grand Theft Auto-Gaming staff members Alex "Trickstar" Ledvina and Alex "GTA Searcher" Dumitru are developing a mod known as San Andreas Stories for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Alex Ledvina stating, "This is going to be one of the biggest mods in GTA history, we are modifying sounds, radio stations, improving combat and AI and much more, a whole new storyline is being written, taking place in the GTA 3 cannon. All unexplained events of all the GTA 3 canon are planning on being answered with this mod, we are making this mod where it will be a called a whole new game. We are also planning to use Rockstar Games' 'Mission Packs' [MPack] the way they originally intended, similar to Grand Theft Auto 4, to inde pin the story of San Andreas Stories, and help explain the events of the GTA 3 canon in better detail, I am going to end this by simply stating, the Grand Theft Auto 3 canon is not over..." A statement from developer Alex Dumitru, "We are going to develop a feature never seen before in any GTA game. You will be able to do ANYTHING in certain missions. You can kill your boss, you can destroy the car you were supposed to do a drive-by with, heck you can even betray and kill your best friends and the story will go on. More randomizing will be made available, including the random starting of side-missions after being unlocked... but to not change the story of GTAs taking place after/in the time of this story [respectively GTA3 and LCS] but to enforce them, there will be very few protagonist crosses. Also, be ready to expect the unexpected, this is something to surely not be missed...." Confirmed Features: Improved Combat New Storyline New Landforms Guest Appearances New Minigames Easter Eggs New Safehouses New Vehicle Spawns New Pick-up Spawns New Sounds New Fighting Compititions In Progress/Unconfirmed Features: Voice Acting New Opcodes Old Protagonist Appearances New Vehicles Moddified Radio Stations Usage/Support of CLEO 3 Video Capture The Team: Alex "Trickstar" Ledvina - Leader, Scripter, Audio Editor, Mapper Alex "gtasearcher" Dumitru - Co-Leader, Scripter, Audio Editor, GFX Designer NTAuthority - DLL Hooks, Scripter Kowaah - Texturer, Modeller, Mapper, GFX Designer Shantam Sinha - Modeller, Texturer Sica - Modeller, Texturer Deji - Scripter Screenshots: Official site We need more members on the team. We only have two scripters that regularly work on the modifiaction. If you would like to help out on the project post here. We need more members on the team. If you would like to help out on the project post here. We need voice actors and scripters the most.
  15. Trickstar

    Sony still losing money

    You know, almost all my life I've always been a Play Station guy starting with the original PSX. Like during the PS2/xBox era, I only played PS2 and said xBox sucks, but now the only Play Station systems I am going to know I am going to have, at least until the next video game generation, is the PS2 and PSP. For now I think xBox 360 and PC is taking over, meaning Microsoft is starting to not only monopolize the computer business, but also video games.