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  1. III

    I can't install some mods

    In the folder where your mod is, there should be a SCRIPT file for your mod, if not then you will have to manually install. Best thing to do is manual install because sometimes the auto misses stuff.
  2. After adding a new american.gxt I jump in my Kurama thats in my lockup and take it round the corner, where diablo rings and it crashes everytime there.? CAN ANYONE HELP? Crashes on entry of red light district area! I started a new game and it ran perfect until I went to red liht district. and hepburn heights?
  3. Where can I find the hidden character and how do I put him in game?
  4. III

    a way to kill the don

    I just use an uzi and keep firing until he is dead, no cheats.
  5. III


    I thought the "Leave me alone..." quote was rather amusing, walk into an old lady and she says it lol.
  6. III

    Favourite Gang Car

    Diablo Stallion gets my vote
  7. III

    Tunnel guys?

    Haha those bums, I only go in there for the molotovs, saves you looking or even buying if you can.
  8. III

    What is you Favirote gta ?

    I remember when I was eight when I first got my GTA game, guess what it was GTA: III and loved it since. I love the protagonist, claude the mute and the missions, especially the intro music.
  9. So it doesnt work for Xbox360 because I have it on the 360?
  10. III

    Some weird code...

    On the mod think it said, do you want to add a backup of American.gxt so I did then went to the game and it had all that code, so I deleted the backup and its still the same. Fixed, just used a backup of American.gxt
  11. That weird code in main menu, all cars, options everything. I downloaded Mod installer for Vice City and III and then downloaded my first mod, a car: http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f474-...ustang-fastback CAN ANYONE HELP??
  12. III

    Introduce Yourself..

    Urm hey, im new. I play GTA III