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  1. Hell no tunnel no guys? There were people protesting the Porter tunnel?
  2. Lenny

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Actually, a game with LESS graphics would be better, not everone can run GTA IV you know... For once, i'd like to see a female character So here's a list; -Femal character -Only able to carry like 3 weapons like in Hitman (ie. you could hide a sniper in a guitar case for example...) -Better sprinting (Nico just ran like an idiot really) -Customizeable weapons -Weapons could be concealed in a boot for example to avoide detection. -Realistic car damage, like in IV (without the lame flying out of the car [its pretty hard to do this really, since 70% of your body is below the wheel and an airbag woulden't let you flying out of your front window]) -Weapon skill rank up like in SA -Resisting a cop arrest, but like 50-50 of getting shot and getting killed instantly -Liberty City -Doing a mission with Claude from GTA III -Killing should be harder, it was too easy in III. -Ragdoll physics (IV) -Charater can talk to peds -Flying was dumb in GTA, the character "knew" how to pilot very well and was just dumb how he knew to do everything, piloting should be as hard/harder then it was in GTA III
  3. I parked a firetruck in the middle of the streat causing his car to go though a small gap, on the other side i had a M16, and waited for his car
  4. Actually, in the sound files there are around 3500. Listened to each and every one of them. I liked the ones the Mafia say in itallian, and "Need's more... mozeralle"
  5. I looked at the materials files and i coulden't find a model going by the name of Darkel, though i know that he was cut from the game. Maybe i havn't looked deep enough... It would be awesome if we could dig up the mission files and scripts so his missions could be playable...
  6. GTA III in my opinion had the best storyline and was the base of the other GTA games.
  7. I really hate bumping threads, but since the GTA III forum is like a ghost town, i guess it's ok right? Anyway, has anyone thought of his name actually being Fido? I've met someone named Fido a long time ago, though he is refered as Claude, maybe he's Claude Fido? Looks like a dim chance, but untill R* decides to bring a next episode for GTA III and unveil his true identity, he's just "that guy from GTA III who we think is Claude Speed"
  8. Favorite: Shoreside Vale because it's green and i like it being sunny and all, unlike portlan which is too gloomy for me. Hated island: Well i like them all equally, but for thr thread's sake, Portland is my least favorite.
  9. The Fish Van was pretty good IMO, not as good as the Mafia Sentinal though.
  10. Ice Cream Truck is my favorite, when i hear its music and a stupid mob guy with a shotgun blows the truck up when i get in, i go crazy and go on a mad rampage in Saint Marks lol.
  11. There's a tunnel next to 8Ball's bomb shop in Portland, and sometimes there are 4 people inside of the tunnel with molotov cocktails, though they don't react to anything, even punching them won't make them do anything. Anyone have any idea on who these 4 are? And has anyone been able to do anything with them or something? -Lenny
  12. In a one on one, Claude's fighting technique was a little better then Tommy's, notably the age would make a serious outcome of the battle, if they battled in lets say '95 or '92 when Claude(Fido, Nameless guy what ever) would age around 25 (i think), Tommy would be around 30-40. I say Claude But with gangs, i would say Tommy since he haw power, and Claude is just a one man army...
  13. Name: Allison (Allie) May Age: 27 Nationality: Scottish/Ireish Current Location: Liberty City Previous Occupation: Driver Attire: Half tight half baggy blue jeans, white sneakers, pinkish red sweat shirt with a hood [alot like Zoey from L4D] Fighting Style: None Gang: Forelli Family's Neutral driver History: Born in LC, lost both parents in a gang war crossfire and wants revenge from the mob leader for killing her family. Artwork: Similar to Zoey from Left 4 Dead.
  14. III VC SA London II I IV was just crap imo
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