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Found 2 results

  1. HRT 1.4 Mod in the development. Release date: 2013. The basic principles: Replacement textures of the all location, interiors and vehicles; Textures are made in high quality and high resolution (including 2048x2048 and 1024x1024 pixels); Textures are maximum similar to the original (first texture and graphical mod for GTA San Andreas with this feature); Textures are made by author or taken from free libraries; Some models also are improved and enhanced; in some cases, be corrected defects of the original models (first texture and graphical mod for GTA San Andreas with this feature); Using more materials than in the original game: for example, if the original house model using same texture and for roof, and for wall, in HRT 1.4 and wall, and roof have an unique textures (first texture and graphical mod for GTA San Andreas with this feature); Most of LODs are replacing too, for more quality displaying objects on the far distance; Using of MIP maps (optimization); High stability of the mod. Screenshots: Some screenshots, but note than them taken on different periods of development and are not show final quality. You can watch for the mod on Mod DB: Videos from the mod you can see on .
  2. do you think they should implement car modification into gta5, if so what are your ideas as to the complexity and extent of this. I think the modifications should be similiar to the saints row and midnight club series, with modifications as follows. However the modifications ae focus mainly on visuals, but performance mods are also available. The player should also have the ability to remove parts if they want to. Body mods Standard parts (available for most cars,suvs,and pickups.) Front Bumpers (maybe 2 or 3 different ones per car) Rear Bumpers (maybe 2 or 3 different ones per car) headlights (normal,chrome,blacked out+light color options) (some cars might also have rally style lights available, such as the sultan) Taillights (normal,chrome,blacked out+light color options) Spoilers (maybe 2 or 3 different ones per car, increases downforce) Rims. (a large selection including spinners, wire rims, and other various styles ) tyres (whitewall,blackwall,offroad,runflat) Hoods(2 or 3 different ones per car, also with carbon fiber versions) (muscle cars such as the sabre,tampa and dukes also have the option to add superchargers) Grills (2 or 3 per aplicable car, not all cars have grills) roll cages (1 or 2 per car) neon hydraulics roof scoops Offroad parts (available for suvs and pickups) exhaust tips( 3-5 generic ones like gtasa) Bullbars (maybe 2 or 3 different ones per car) tailight guards bed covers (mostly for pickups 2 or 3 per truck including campershell,standard and a standard with spoiler) rooflights (1 or 2 per car),(may also include rollbars for pickups) mudflaps. Adjustables (adjustability depends on the car) ride height tire profile wheel width rim size Paint (includes gloss, chrome,matte, pearlescent, and metalic options) Primary color secondary color rim color window tint neon color interior color seat color roof color (mostly for convertibles) Interior mods Sound systems ( includes full custom speeker,subwoofers,amps,and boxes that go either in the car or in the trunk of the car or the back of a pickup\suv like the spanish lords cavalcade) 1 or 2 sets per vehicle seats( one or 2 different options per vehicle) Performance mods (works in 3 stages) each stage increases power by ten percent) Nitrous (works basically like it did in gtasa) Turbo(increases engine power by 20%)Stage 2-30% ,stage 3-40% Exhaust(increases engine power by 10%) intake (increases engine power by 10%) Tires(increases grip and acceleration) Engine swap (switch the engine of the car to a more powerful but appropriate replacement list below) supercharger(available only for v-type engines, increases engine power by 25%+15%for each additional stage ) compacts (cars like the blista compact and futo) ( engines can be removed from stolen cars in order to place them in your car. (power levels may be unrealistic in order to make the game better) 1.5l l4 150hp 2.0l l4 200hp 2.5 l4 240hp 3.0l l4 300hp Compact and medium (cars like merit, feroci,sultan) 2.5l l6 280hp 3.0l l6 320hp 2.5l V6 250hp medium only 3.0l V6 280hp 4.0l V6 300hp medium and sports cars like, coquette, and muscle cars 4.6l v8 200hp 5.0l v8 230hp 5.4l v8 260 6.0l v8 300hp Muscle cars 350ci v8 230hp 400ci v8 260hp 427ci v8 300hp 454ci v8 350hp 502ci v8 400hp 444ci semi v8 ( gta's hemi parody) 420hp super cars, large trucks, and some sports cars 5.0l v10 300hp 6.0l v10 350hp 6.0l v12 400hp 7.0l v12 450hp Weaponized parts (parts that make the car stronger and more destructive, may not be available on all cars, may also add weight to the car and thus slow it down) all weapons have infinite ammo and may be removed anytime the player wishes. frontal weapons (only one may be equipped on each side at a time a different weapon may be equipped on the left and right side of the vehicle, so you could have a machine gun on the left side and a grenade launcher on the right side ect.) Machine guns ( adds 20lbs to vehicle weight) rocketlaunchers ( blow more stuff up adds 150lbs to vehicle weight) flamethrowers ( set people on fire adds 100lbs to vehicle weight) grenade launchers ( blow stuff up adds 80lbs to vehicle weight) miniguns (faster and more deadly version of machineguns adds 120lbs to vehicle weight) laser guns (why not? adds 50 lbs to vehicle weight slower but more powerful version of machineguns) wheel weapons kneecappers +10lbs bullet proof tires rear weapons (only one may be equipped at a time these are mostly defensive weapons) tire spikes (+80lbs) oil slicks +100lbs mines+150lbs body weapons bullet proof glass +50lbs bullet proof body +100lbs spiked bumpers (replaces stock bumpers increases frontal and rear durability by 10%) +50lbs each plow blades (replaces front bumper increases frontal durability by 20% may be equipped along with rear spiked bumpers) +100lbs turrets ( like on the apc, only one may be equipped at a time and the ones that may be equipped vary with the vehicle) mg turret (a small mg turret) +50lbs rocket turret + 200lbs tank gun turret+ 300lbs ( only for large vehicle like cavalcades and boxvilles) Minigun turret +120lbs so most vehicles can have 5 different weapons at a time and be made completely bullet proof!
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