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  1. ^ is wrong i don't know really < thinking that the new GTA 4 screenshot is real but then again fake v loves to strip in a car park full of gay donkies
  2. Lol no one knows but it does look like a good game good graphics for the xbox wonder how it would look on the ps3
  3. I just noticed that it says in scene 1 in the coner
  4. could it be, i was just trying to find out some rockstar path ways (you know the /image etc) i came across this but couldn't beleave my very own eyes kept thinking should I post this or not! but i came accross lets tell the whole world LOL
  5. ^ fort wrong hehehe < thinking of hiting "Someone" sooooo hard that his head skol was look like sand v is in love with me but can't admit it to the world
  6. ^ is soo wrong that he makes the wrong look like right WTF??? < is highy bored and is tring to post before "Someone" v wants to be a girl with no tits but dik and a you know what hehehe f*** i lost bloody someone
  7. got me all confused and shit with the "somthing awfuls"
  8. Lol looking forward for the stiping man If ya want ill join in with you and also HAPPY MOTHERf***ING BIRTHDAY CHRIS AND THAT "OTHER" PERSON.. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oh I think it was YoungFools shit how late am i? well hoped you had fun
  9. WOW what a bump, I remember this as soon as GTA LCS came out on Adriaan's site
  10. ^ he is a Despairs Roy Fan < is currently talking to Chris on msn V is getting his dick out to wank over a heshe lol
  11. ^ signed up on my site < is dead bored V is known for posting bullshit
  12. ^he searches google for porn <is currently listening to mos def v is posting in this thead and likes to smell his sh!t
  13. That needs to be bold! lol, well someone is surely planing to do that, I can bet on it. But Bush is prob scared to cuise around USA and do good shit. that man, needs to get some idea of running YOUR country not PEOPLES
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