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  1. Jace

    What would you do if...?

    I would take the baby and treat him as my own, and by him gta. What would you do if your mom turns out to be a drug addictend hooker?
  2. Jace

    do you like enimen

    I find that slim shady record the best, now it's starting to get... you know
  3. Jace

    What are you listening to right now?

    Freddie Mercury- Crazy little thing cold love it sucks but i've got to learn it for school.
  4. Jace

    Mission Impossible

    Hey Ghost srry about that, ?sow? it not know how to change it And for that lowrider stuff. That timeline was not stedy on my pc. It would mis out pieces. Does any1 know wy?
  5. Jace

    Mission Impossible

    Yeah, with cheats it's kinda easy. Now I'm going for 1 without cheats and it's quit f**ked up. . Can't even drive a car without blowing it up. Yesterday I came at Lv butt exedantly delited my save game My last back-up was the last mission of Ls. And now I'm at that Catalina again.
  6. Jace

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    You can get inside area 69 again, butt only with a mod. It also let's the garage in Doherty open, and Sweet's houde, Ryder, Og Log and some other stuff. Do you want it?
  7. Jace


    well you can make maps with med
  8. it's not a player skin, thats for sure. Maybe you can use it as ped
  9. Jace

    Map Layout

    Um I go for 4 medium, 3 times sf . But like sa there should be something like the country side and desert and stuff
  10. Jace

    A Mobster Idea

    or that greek thing. Then ou have al those islands, butt london is ok too. If they do that they should put Alton Towers in the game to, just for fun or a mission.
  11. Jace

    Nintendo Wii

    I don't have anything against nintendo, some games are even fun. Butt this name tottaly sucks with<...> came up with this name? O well, just take the ps 3 then
  12. Jace

    Help With Modding

    man I was just looking over al the forums trying to find it, just got it, and then The JD has got it -sig-
  13. Jace

    Making Car!

    yeah sure, just give your mail and I will send you zmodeler txd_workshop.zip
  14. Jace

    Making Car!

    I cant fully explain how butt you need txd workshop 3.5 zmodeler (or someting like that) and an picture editing program like paintshop prp x or adobe photeshop cs2
  15. Jace

    My attempt at a Halo master cheif skin

    yeah. I was trying to find such mod, butt only got it for vice cite. upload it
  16. Jace

    Guess That Mission

    um I don't now the name any more but it was the last mission of los santos, the one that sweet gets captured and Cesar show's you the green sabre with big smoke pulaski tenpenny and stuff.
  17. Jace

    stuck on missions

    they are both real easy , but your download doesn't work. baybe upload it again or so
  18. Jace

    a little help please

    yeah isn't working for me to