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  1. KezDaMan

    Girlfriends and dating missions

    Yeah it would be cool. That means that R* have to get the girlfriend AI correct. In San Andreas I thought that the AI was crap for the girlfriend. She just sounded like a normal pedestrian and no-one specific.
  2. KezDaMan

    A Mobster Idea

    But it would fit on a single blu-ray disc.
  3. KezDaMan

    A Mobster Idea

    It wouldn't be that big would it???
  4. KezDaMan

    GTA 4 Scenario Suggestions

    Nice idea there. As well as going to music shops, you could make your own radio station with your loaded tracks on the HDD. I like the talking thing with people but I doubt it if many people will use this feature. It'll be a waste.
  5. KezDaMan

    A Mobster Idea

    This idea kind of uses another idea that someone made in another post. The next GTA should be set in London and Tommy Vercetti is your mob boss. You have London (main theme) and also Vice City which you can travel to via aeroplane or ship. You are a "designed character", meaning that you create your main person at the start of the game or choose an existing character that Rockstar give. You do all missions at London and furhter smaller islands etc and you do a couple of jobs at Vice City as well. One main island (possibly made-up) is a mansion that Tommy Vercetti owns and you have to reclaim it as another gang took from you. Wicked cut-scenes at the start of the game show you this. This was slightly rushed so I need more ideas off of you guys...
  6. KezDaMan

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    One idea that I've just thought of... Because the PS3 will have a 60Gb HDD, you'll be able to store music etc. So, on GTA4 you would have your normal radio stations that Rockstar make but then you could have a couple of customizable radio stations (they start empty until you add custom music tracks) of about 10 tracks. You would be able to change tracks and have a least 5 customizable stations.
  7. KezDaMan

    Ultimate GTA4 Poll

    I would like it to be something like Vice City. But bigger.
  8. KezDaMan

    Favourite Song On Vice City

    Grandmaster Flash - The Message, classic
  9. I think that reuniting the families mission is the most enjoyable along with just business. I hated... I dunno???
  10. KezDaMan

    mission Just busines

    Hmmm.... Strange. Never heard or seen this before. My answer is that if it is actually an error on this disc then there is no way to fix this problem unless you send the disc back to the shop and buy a new one.
  11. KezDaMan

    do you like this idea?

    You could download the GTA mods from the PS3 online service (free) and save them onto the PS3 linux hdd which is (I think) 60GB.
  12. KezDaMan

    do you like this idea?

    Cool idea. They should make a... say a "editing" area where you can do all the mods. If you want to transfer something such as images or mod downloads from a GTA specific website, then you should be able to using a USB flash disk. Something easily transferrable instead of people having to buy seperate software and stuff. Makes our lives easier.