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Status Updates posted by Jared

  1. Mate, it's before the internet or Windows even :P.

  2. Happy Birthday Jade!

  3. Happy Birthday BirthDateBuddy! Have a good one aye.

  4. Of course! You?

  5. Oh right, well yes I do like Ford over Holden. Holden is crap.

  6. What the hell are you on about?

  7. You add me you your friends now you removed me? :(.

  8. Hi Jade, thanks for the reply :). I've only got 3 days left of my holidays sadly, then I'm back to school :(.

    Good to hear your doing good though, hope it continues.

  9. Might wanna fix your img tag in your interests section, it's stretching that part of the page.

  10. Haven't seen you much of late, how you been Jade?

  11. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday mate, have a good one aye :).

  12. Hi smallpancake.

  13. Well done on your +1 rep mate ;).

  14. You birthday is the same as mine :o.

  15. Haven't had the time to finish my sites coding. Maybe one day soon.

  16. Welcome to the site mate. Enjoy :).

  17. Good thanks mate, how are you?

  18. Name change? How come?

  19. I'm great thanks. It's good to hear from you, haven't talked in ages.

  20. Jared

    Hey uni. Jared (jarjar) here. How you been?

  21. Howdy Ottae, nice to see you here.

  22. Thats the plan :P.

    HINT: VC Manual ;).

  23. Well Happy Birthday for then :).

  24. :o, I didn't know that, when is it?
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