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  1. Mission: "Snappy Dresser"

    by Ma Cipriani.

    After you take the photo of the diaper-wearing Casa and you take it to Ma, she says:

    "Is this how you spend your time? Going to the woods and taking pictures of men?"

    Well, can someone please explain to me just HOW THE gently caress did she know that you were at the woods?! Or is this a dialogue slip-up?

    'Cause it seems impossible to me that Casa phoned her and told her. He didn't seem to know who took the shot of him.

  2. Help me please!!!

    I experienced a problem.

    I downloaded the EU/UK version of the Cheat Device and when I transferred it the PSP and tried to load the file on LCS, it said "Corrupted Data"... I dunno why this happens. I did everything correctly. I unzipped the file on my PSP and replaced it, just like the readme says, but it won't work...

    What should I do?...

  3. The concept sounds interesting and promising, but it is not gonna last, if you ask me, for the simple reason that jokes have already 'bloomed' out of it. It just won't be taken seriously...

  4. This would be heaven, dude, one of the best ideas I've heard, but... it's never gonna happen and you know why? Because that would be illegal (alteration of the game), or maybe not, but the silly market will find an excuse anyways for it, not to happen.

    But if it happened, it would be a true REVOLUTION for the gamers, and of course, the programmers. ;-)

  5. Thanx a lot for the replies, dudes!

    I have the Vice City Mission Builder downloaded from quite a long time ago, but.. your know... it still requires programming skills, which I don't have, and will be a real time-eater to acquire.

    Umm... any other method? or am i doomed?..

  6. I was truly a big Nintendo fan in the past, having all of its consoles (including GB Advance), except for NES and DS... I admire Shigeru Miyamoto (its president), for he is a brilliant mind and i really love the Zelda games. Nevertheless, I think this idea about GTA on Advance is a total flop and GTA is like a "foreign body" for the Nintendo system and general ideology.

  7. First of all: better graphics.

    What i'd like to see, is a bunch of more fun, regarding the missions. Not so many police hunts and more wreak-havoc missions like "Karmageddon" and also money rewards for killing people on the street.

    More freedom would be nice too: to enter irrelevent buildings.

    Also, something different from the 100 Hidden Packages. Something more fun/cool and fewer (like, 50 Hidden Laptops, or 50 Hidden Porn Magazines) and clues where to find 'em.

    That kind of stuff...

  8. In my opinion, this is a really bad idea.

    First of all, the Game Boy Advance is not a system capable of handling the needs of a game such a Grand Theft Auto. Second, Nintendo is a game company that's aiming in a younger crowd than the rest of the game companies. Especially Game Boy is for children to pre-teens. I, for one, bought Game Boy Color at the age of 10. Consequently, Game Boy Advance cannot host even a pixel of a Grand Theft Auto game.

    On the other hand, PSP, a new state-of-the-art handheld system, with excellent graphics, digital sound and net play is an ideal host of a GTA game.

    That's what I think... Those who agree with me, those who don't, state your ideas below.

  9. What i really crave for the next GTA game is a pure METAL radio station.

    The GTA station ever is, i think, V-Rock. But that's too soft, man. There could be a station

    called "Metalhead" or "Metalzone", "Metal Radio" or something, that would include kinds

    from heavy to death and black metal. That's what i think and i hope that some dudes

    will agree with me.

  10. Dude, it's easy to install it. Just get the mod installer from the Vice City Downloads section and when you get it, unzip the files, run the mod installer and a wizard will be opened.

    >>From there, you must specify where your gta-vc.exe file is. (...Program Files\Rockstar Games)

    Also, you must specify the vehicle you want replaced by your custom vehicle. In your case, choose the PCJ-600 (because the Kawasaki is meant to replace the PCJ-600).

    >>You can then change the PCJ-600's name. Write "Kawasaki GPZ900 Ninja Tuned" in the empty space, though it's optional.

    Do that and then ignore all the screens afterwards. Just click on "Next" everytime. Finally, run your game and instead of the PCJ-600s on the road, you will be seing Kawasaki's!

    Have fun and you can use this with every vehicle you want installed! Hope I helped...

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