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  1. Or maybe the keyboard is glitchy. P.S. My Laptop costed $4,404 and telling everybody this is absolutely essential.
  2. Is stumped on his GTA IV question that has not been answered.

  3. Ive replaced my hadling.dat with a modded one, yet when i get into the car it was modded for, the handling is the same.. Any help???
  4. Saaame here. Me and my dad ride around in our '09 Corvette (Z06), and we beat the shit out of both on the freeway. They try to race, but we're looooong gone
  5. Ya.. Doctoroctoganapus.... BLLLAAAAAGH

  6. Nork

    Nice signature

  7. The TC is okay, but like others say, the xB is basicly a KFC Megabucket
  8. And this is what happens when you accualy buy one of these shit-boxes
  9. After about a month of not playing GTA IV, I re-installed Xliveless, g4mhook.dll, and Simple Native Trainer 1.4, I thought I was set, but the trainer isnt being loaded by xliveless. Am I missing something? (GTA IV Ver. EDIT: Nevermind
  10. I would take Gerard's advice. Plus, I dont think we are supposed to upload files. It's against the code of conduct I think. This is for GTA SA, Right?
  11. No. It was a vista fuck up. It disabled the card. I got it working now, though,
  12. I loaded GTA IV a few minutes ago, and the graphics were really crappy.. So I went to change them. It said there is only 300MB avalible. I have an NVIDIA 260GTX (SLI?) 1GB.. Anyone know whats wrong?? EDIT: I also have a 9600M 512MB in battery mode, but im in AC mode PC: my old Alienware M17x. My new one dosent have GTA IV
  13. Dont be jealous. Its a beast and thats all i care about.
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