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  1. R.I.P. man R.I.P. But why were u banned?

  2. you started a topic about a topic.......it wasnt even an important part about the topic. i think you need a break from the computer. are you on summer break yet? sure it should be pinned. but is it worth making a new topic and asking................... EDIT: wow! your asking if it should be pinned and you the one who made it close! your just rubbing it in! and then you started a new one?! Sicko!!
  3. There is no such thing as "too many posts" unless the posts are useless, retarded, or anything like that((likes yours, y'know?)). Just because some people post actively doesn't mean they post too much. Go do something productive with your life if all you're going to do is run down people because they post actively on a web service made for people to post actively on. ahh yeah didnt see that comin spaz. i was referring to the spam people. i never spam. unless you make me. and please dont make this personal. thats just not cool. ps. good to hear from ya spaz. its weird cuz for a while there you wherent tracking down my posts and being smart with me like a schoolgirl. good to know you still dont have a life. oxymoron huh? practice what you preach buddy.
  4. ahh man that would be so cool! that would be cooler! maybe something in the paper like sniper accident mysteriously changes the size of the moon. it would be cool if the "wherent suppose to get here" and "hello again" message continued with something like "this isnt really that ammusing anymore. you have total access to this place now"
  5. gta3 had a tad of cutscene. i guess thats still gameplay. anyway. i hope they show more things in this one. the first one showed the scenery and stuff but i want to see more action and more story. gta3 had a tad of cutscene. i guess thats still gameplay. anyway. i hope they show more things in this one. the first one showed the scenery and stuff but i want to see more action and more story.
  6. well for the "ghost members," the disposable kodac camera breaks (they didnt get help) or the pictures are blurry (they got mean or unhelpful advice). so they go out and buy another one. and some people here, the "active members," learned how to re-use the camera and cant afford another and they take more pictures than intended. (make too many posts)
  7. all the diet sodas out there are not as good. they taste like plain cheap cola
  8. i hope theres gameplay too. i want to see the HUD and stuff.
  9. yeah a description would be nice. and its the most fun part to make.
  10. that sounds good. but still it feels dumb. scrolling is just something a forum needs. but everyone seems to like clicking on every individual post for some reason. there cant even be a "next" and "previous" button?
  11. coke man. tastes better. not diet and not zero or free or one or whatever they call it. just cocacola classic. the diet and sugar free ones dont have the coke taste no more.
  12. this isnt good for a forum. this think fills my history. it complicates things so much. i hate it. i dont go to the forum as much now. is there an option to change it back?
  13. thats how it was for me on the first one. but the doritos fell out of my mouth when the server got murdered.
  14. some people only have to ask one question and then they leave because they have no use for the forum anymore or they didnt get an answer or a non-helpful answer so they went somewhere els. not everyone is an annoying overactive member who waste their time.
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