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  1. Iornslug29881

    Your Favorite GTA Easter Eggs

    Please do not advertise anything on this thread!
  2. Ok, when i was going trough all my GTA games, I thought what easter eggs I like the most through the GTA Saga. I had a few listed down, But post more so everyone can see your favorite Game: GTA IV The original "Claud Speed" outfit from GTA III Game: GTA SA The sign on the on the Gant Bridge "There are no easter eggs up here, Go away" Game: GTA VC The Malibu dancers on the stage look like the Village People There are many, many, MANY more than that but those are my favs.
  3. Iornslug29881

    Missing Default.ide File

    Reinstalling it didn't help the file. Amazingly. It suprises me that its gone and the game still works EDIT: I got a new Default.ide from a freind.
  4. Iornslug29881

    Missing Default.ide File

    So . . . what are you asking us? If it has no effect on the game whatsoever then what's the problem? If you really need the file then I guess you could download a mod that replaces it and use it's file. Well I'm really asking if the file is important at all. YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT FOR MODDING. But that's about it.
  5. Iornslug29881

    Where did love go?

    I know this topic is OLD. But Donald Love was supposed to be killed by you. The way you kill him was almost a reenactment of 9/11. A man named Darkel gave you a mission to fly a DODO into the Love Media building and kill Donal in the process. But Before the release of the game 9/11 struck america. So flying a plane into a building was out of the question. Same with having a easy-fly DODO.
  6. Iornslug29881

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    I'd have to say the worst thing in GTA3 is.... well.... Nothing really, I mean this GTA was a ground-breaker in gamer around the world. Really all the negative comment come from the fact that GTA3 is old and out of date. Vice City brought a leap in GTA tech to, But GTA3 will always be the best, in my opinion, the best GTA game out there today.
  7. Iornslug29881

    Missing Default.ide File

    Ok, I have been playing GTA3 for like, 4 months now. (Trilogy pack) And i have been slowly modding it. Now after my last mod, I have seem to have lost my Default.IDE file. Yet it has no impact on the game what-so-ever. I have done many a search on my computer to find the file with no prevail. Before anyone says GOOGLE SEARCH, I say this, I HAVE DONE AT LEAST 49 SEARCHES. no results. So if anyone can help me that would be great.