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  1. thry this: coke rocket ingredients: -2 liter DIET coke (wont work wit regular, aspitame causes chemical reaction with the mint extract in the mentos) -4 to 5 mentos. VERY QUICKLY, insert the mentos int the coke and close the cap tightly. Slam coke downwards onto cement. make sure the cap is facing you. coke should go flying in the air. guess what, THIS WAS MY 7TH GRADE SDIENCE FAIR PROJECT. GOT 2ND PLACE heres a vid
  2. there trying to be like those other dudes in those videos where they like jump of of buildings and like not get hurt and stuff.
  3. who has ever played diablo 2. i think its a pretty good game.
  4. thats auful. last time my account got hacked i had to get a new laptop. fried the system wit the trojan horse virus.
  5. keep practecing. im in the ok range for the harder song (piano vs. guitar) very hard. highest tthere is 6000
  6. this is an awesome game. ive gotten a rocken rating with a 20970 score. post you scores and ratings http://www.flashportal.com/games/super_cra...iac_deluxe.html
  7. hey diego, i havent seen you around these forums b4. r u new?
  8. shi* that gotta hurt. .... are you australian, or brittish, or r you just talking like that?
  9. this is in addition to the pool i just created. heres the site to the cinema . you can listen to the songs there. if you find one not on the demon days cd that you like, just post and say you like it, so here it is. http://www.gorillaz.com/Scene.php
  10. if you listen to gorillaz, vote on your favorite song from their newest cd Demon Days. i like Feel good inc. if you notice there are 14 tracks listed. well the intro to the cd doesnt count as a song. So vote away, i will leave you with a question. Have yopu ever noticed that some of the songs blead into each other? like dirtty harry and feel good inc. please anyone who listens to them vote.
  11. i dont care if you dont like this song but it reminds me of someone. My friend had a little brother tommy. tommy always had bad luck. Tripping down stars, loosing monney, geting hurt, and having every girl that he likes dump him crulefuly. But one day he had very bad luck. He and his family went on a cruise to europe. Tommy fell overboard and drowned. he was one of my best friends. so before you say this song os stupid, just think for a second. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwDuaSxNhV0
  12. fartn contest between michal moore and peter griffin. http://youtube.com/watch?v=_uGggjysID4&amp...peter%20griffin
  13. thee things yo can assume from this picture: 1. Anime fan. 2. Nerd. 3. Too much time on his hands. Sad isn't it!
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