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  1. 888ball

    Dear Rockstar

  2. 888ball

    [X360][GMT0] UK / Euro Clan

    The outside world. Do i know you?
  3. 888ball

    [X360][GMT0] UK / Euro Clan

    I'll probably join when i get a 360 in June
  4. 888ball

    Forum Award Winners 2007

    Dicks, someone could have reminded me about hottest member.
  5. 888ball

    Love & Relationships Thread

    Hes only after one thing...
  6. Woot first comment!

  7. 888ball

    new features

    And since when were you great?
  8. 888ball

    [SA]Amped 2

    Watched it the day it was released. Didn't like it at first. I like it now.
  9. 888ball

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Seven of my friends have that phone, seven... Gawd.
  10. 888ball

    Big Community Thread

    I just got £20 off my parents for getting all A's and above in my mock GCSEs. It rocks, i never usually get anything for doing exams. Im actually rather suspicious...
  11. 888ball

    Forum Award Voting Has Begun (now ended)

    I definately know I did
  12. 888ball

    WWE Wrestling

    WWE Too much silly soap opera. To be honest i'd rather watch Coronation Street, just as much action.
  13. 888ball

    Word Association

  14. 888ball

    Pimped van..

    But so worth it.