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  1. ^ I know that guy got it right, but I'd like to point out that Duke Nukem 3D was before Forever, so the clue was wrong.
  2. Suck

    Resident Evil

    On the contrary, I absolutely loved RE4. Sure, they incorporated new ideas, but it was still on the basic plotline. For starters, I don't see how those people were considered living. I suppose they are slightly, but it was more along the lines of the parasite walking about (ala, walking dead, ala, zombies). And what I truely loved about it, was these weren't the same wussies as I always fought in the old ones. These "people" ran at me, carried chainsaws, made me actaully think about what I was going to do instead of run and gun. Then the new camera angle, which I adored also. Giving you alot more of moving ability, but still putting in a touch of fright by those "holy crap I did the quick turn around and there's a parasite-guy next to me" moments. The bosses that made the game almost tremendously hard (spoiler: that jerk who fights you in the cage, where I wasted all my ammo, then chases you back on land. Killed him with my knife ) The new game modes / bonus storyline were fantastic touches. Overall, I loved it.
  3. Suck

    Nintendo Wii

    Beaten by two minutes! Anyways, I do agree, the Revolution was a way better sounding name. Hopefully the system will be able to kind of, take your direction off the name.
  4. Very, very close, but no cigar.
  5. No correct guesses as of yet. (Note: I'm only 16 years of age, and I was playing that game when I was younger. It's not that old.) Clue: HHoH Clue: Was featured on the large collection of games titled "Game Empire", which is where I played it originally. (2 clues, since I admit, it is hard)
  6. Chronicles of Riddick : Escape from Butcher Bay ?
  7. - Shaun of the Dead - Fight Club - American Beauty - American History X - Requiem for a Dream - Good Night, and Good Luck - Phone Booth - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Saving Private Ryan
  8. I'm a big fan of industrial, power metal, and prog. metal. Fav. bands: Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Dream Theater, Helloween, Skinny Puppy, A Perfect Circle, Alice in Chains, DragonForce, Filter, Symphony X, and Nirvana, just to name a few. (Though, I've been dabbing into Indie music lately; Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens, Elliot Smith)
  9. Hi, name's Jeremy. I don't know if there's anyone from the recently closed GTAB here, but I was known as Germster over there.
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