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  1. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [ACTUAL BAND! NO JOKE!!!!] Where have I been?.....
  2. Soap [Off Topic: I'm glad that a game like this is speading around! Go ahead! Make more games like this with a different edition!]
  3. This is the Movie Edition of The Beginning of the End! RULES: You say a movie title and use the last letter of that name to make a movie of that letter: Example: Ghostbusters then someone put, Saturday Night Fever Get my drift? Me go first !: The Nightmare On Elm Street
  4. [Are some of ya'll making up these names?] KoRn
  5. What's yo favorite Radio Station? Mine is Wildstyle and V-Rock!
  6. Of course it shopuld! I'll be impreesed on how you could fit the enviorment, voiceovers, commercials, and radio stations in a small disk! Plus, they could use the GBA for the map or something!
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