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  1. Yep, Lostedx(GamerTag in Xbox360) Vans123=My all the time used nickname in GTA Modding EDIT; My fking Shit, im near to explode!! I get a fking annoying error! Screenie: That fking white mesh, is appearing instead of my beautiful Blue door of Romans Apartment, the fking door just appeared 1 time and all the other times i enter to test something new and got to my apartment for a litte rest i find this SHIT! Any idea on how the fuck to fix it?, its supposted to be dynamic, and yeh is dynamic but the only fking problem is the mesh!!i dont get my beautiful Door!!! I just get a damn white mesh, that mesh is from Romans Kitchen is the little light for the kitchen and yeh!, is called diferent and everything!! Wtf?? Help! i wont continue till this damn problem gets out of my beautiful apartment everything you see in picture is by me xD, prelight,etc Help!
  2. Well, I would love and thank god if you both can stop fighting like little KIDS! Now, Batuhan(Arthur): My fking god, i know you deleted the videos and stuff like that...i dont need more sorry from you,We will talk to you if in one case we need you, ok? Now, please leave in peace this topic and dont being noob spammers to it
  3. Lol, HeroBioYui is me.... Yeah another freak of Anime Users xD anyway, Rwils i found a way to convert broken files!!! Little Holland building now is in-game and the broken Romans interior stairs too both i converted them but the process is 4x longer xD but nah no problem, the prelight will come soon, i wanna finish as fast as possible the Romans full apartment to make the second Video
  4. Why SNOW?? Just look the fking GTA IV SNOW MOD is awful no offence.... The maps look awesome as it is i dont want it to become a fking snow city -.- RLY Actually i backed up all my stuff im sending now my pc to reformat i will get it back in 2 days Well cya
  5. bro, are they rigged? if they are rigged i wont doupt playing with em
  6. awsome job HunhleBerry Pie right now im loving the new GUI
  7. RWILS That modelling man is D875J actually he is acting in a better way i already have the files for those buildings he sent em about 2 years ago but any of them can be placed right now couse 90% of them are from alderney(Jersey) and the other 10% is from Dukes and we are in broker part so in a future we will place em And about Jonathon dont start acting like if u started everything man really RWILS made everthing with my help but yeh in a way you are a great part of scripting but not that much as leader mate Anyway, We will keep updated this post
  8. its me johnathon956 from gta forums im banned lol

  9. WoW thanks PPl i love when ppl give this kind of replies, it really gives me the spirit to continue working on this
  10. Thanks for the add dude.

  11. WTF?? you have to be or an idiot or a guy that doesnt know anything about GTA... GTA IV uses dynamical lightning,Bump Maps(Normal Maps),Specular Maps!!And alot of more shit that only GTA IV engine Handles I think this topic must be closed...really you cant get anything Near to GTA IV graphics to GTA SA! Well... This was the Nearest i got to GTA IV...Dont ask about map..it will be released in some time we are finishing it..and yes is GTA IV MAP! You need a great Rig to run this ENB settings;so if you think you can handle em PM me and will send em Screenie:
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