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  1. Vanilla Shake

    New Character or Old Character?

    it is in fact going to be a new character because R* even stated that GTA IV will be a fresh start for the series. But a hispanic character doesnt sound too bad.............
  2. Vanilla Shake

    Who do You Think Will be the Main Character?

    Although I feel Tommy Vercetti would be a great character if they picked up right where VC left off to tell the tale of what happens after the spectacular ending in the mansion, I have a strong feeling that the main 'protagonist' in VCS will be Lance Vance. Either that, or I think it'll be Kent Paul, or a completely new character that R* has yet to introduce, who will work for Vercetti, and eventually take over the Vercetti Empire when Tommy dies, or when this new 'protagonist' kills him...............
  3. Vanilla Shake

    What music do you want in the Next GTA

    Brain Stew- Green Day Highway To Hell- AC/DC Runnin With The Devil- Van Halen Stairway To Heaven- Led Zeppelin Bat Country- Avenged Sevenfold Drop The Bombshell- Powerman 5000 Rock Is Dead- Marilyn Manson I Hope You Die- Bloodhound Gang Down With The Sickness- Disturbed Forget To Remember- Mudvayne Let The Bodies Hit The Floor- Drowning Pool Shotgun Blues- Guns N' Roses Crack Addict- Limp Bizkit Fuel- Metallica Come Out And Play- The Offspring Long View- Green Day Those would be my picks for a rock/punk rock station, mixing some classics with some modern day tunes..................
  4. Vanilla Shake

    Ultimate GTA4 Poll

    I picked USA, mafia, and create your own character. i strongly feel that R* should keep the series within the US borders........