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  1. This works for the resolution problem, I do not know if it fixes the other errors. This update should also work for Vista and Windows7. The reason I linked to that one is because it worked for me, I haven't tried the latest version, this worked so...
  2. I fixed this, you can see how http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/24941-unhandled-exception-fix/#entry373353
  3. Refering back to my original topic here I've been trying to play GTA3 and GTA Vice City for awhile now, this is the fix that I've found. I tried all of the other fixes such as: Compatibility mode Deleting the .set file Reinstalling Registry fixes Defragging Scan disc Seperate applications (3D Analalyze) etc... I managed to find a solution to the problem. Here it is: Go to Start and choose Run, type this: regsvr32 /u mpeg2decfilter.ax Download and install ffdshow: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdshow/ Now when you load up GTA 3 or GTA Vice City you will be able to change the resolution and play the game without any crashes:). Please sticky if this helped. Works fine!
  4. Yeah health problems man, I used to play Wolfenstein for around 19 hours straight, game after game. I would only toilet and eat at computer, sometimes not even eat. 3 bottles of 2 liter coke and I was sorted. Wouldn't do that ever again, don't have the patience or will.
  5. Gameboy first... Then console is PSX, 1995.
  6. Not advertising tbh, I was just giving a quick note that if anyone wants help with programming contact us @ URL REMOVED. You're hardly going to get help for programming/scripting on a GTA forum, since not many people here enjoy coding their own games, but rather playing them. Yes soon there is new tutorials on making your own game from scratch. The tutorials are nearly done, it will be posted some time soon. Also game modding and editing game SDK's is also covered.
  7. GeekSpot.co.uk Hey there, thanks for reading this post. Me and a friend have today released and put live our website URL REMOVED which is for programming and coding problems / tutorials. We would like to invite you all personally to come and check out our website that is going to become popular with the old members again. We used to run this website over a year ago and it was a success with the community and we had some clever clogs on board:). We will post MANY more tutorials, and we will post upon request. We would appreciate it if you was to take 2 minutes to come and register and join our community, we also advertise TGTAP there. We will update this post with our Twitter, YouTube and Facebook page when we sort everything out. I look forward to seeing you there! (iDan)GeekSpot Admin
  8. Thanks mate, glad to be aboard! I voted you in the best looking topic lol *blushes rofl*
  9. Overheating. You can fix it but it's nto worth it. Send it back for RMA (warranty)
  10. CPU Make: Intel GPU Make: ATI CPU: Q6600 G0 Motherboard: P5Q PRO Graphics Card: Saphire 4870 Memory: 4Gb XMS 4-4-4-12 Cooling: Noctua NP Power Supply: OCZ 750w Sound Card: Realtek HD Monitor: Asus 19" 1680x1050 Operating System: Windows XP 32Bit SP3
  11. Thank you for understanding, I've always purchased my GTA games because I respect them. I have them on the PS1/PS2 and PS3 also, I have every single game apart from the PSP and GTA games since I sold my PSP and my Gameboy was gone long time ago . I've got the first batch of the games also, so I think I deserve to play my game. I think the problem may be my comp since everyone else can play just fine. I guess it's memory problems, I'm not going to uninstall anything like AV though , just trying to find the hex of it. Guess VB will have to come out . If anyone has the answer it would be great! Thank you.
  12. I've purchased the game, I want it to work. Edit: wouldn't you?
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