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  1. kuniva

    teaser sites

    two teaser sites have been released they are: -maccer.net and -epsilonprogram.com i suggest you check them out there very funny and i think just a taster of things to come. info from gtagaming.com { EDIT } also check out -burgershot.com
  2. kuniva

    opm2 info

    -in the countryside there will be cows and pigs -people who live in small towns are often drunk and funny to see ( sometimes half naked aswell ) -you can do tricks with the quads like wheelies etc. -for los santos r* will use a filter which confuse's the picture to give the effect of smog and heat -the countryside will look brighter and healthier because of another filter.this creates a big contrast between the city and countryside. info found at gta-sanandreas.com and is not yet confirmed.
  3. kuniva

    If you have any questions

    hes a fake somone at one of the forums i go into emailed the r* webmaster and he said that r* have no-one taking part in q and a's at the minute , and to lock any topics started by this person and anyway if he was who hes saying then the info would be sent to a r* email adresses and not a stupid msn.
  4. kuniva


    well im not gonna take my time for you -------- and the quality of the post is to do with the content not the structure
  5. kuniva


    well this site isnt very up to date and the forums and full of stupid twats who really dont have a clue about gta they type the most stupid posts so i just put this up incase some of them didnt know about the mini-clips which i was actually one of the first people to find out about them so ----- up and dont talk to me like that yous arnt up to date at all if i posted here regulary yous would be ashamed my my high quality posts , i dont even know why i did that yous arnt worthy of my wisdom so ----- all your mothers up the arse im away , and its only yous wankers who will miss out on the news. the gta place = -----e, boring and uninforming bollocks.
  6. kuniva

    psm2 update

    psm2 has published a article on san andreas which consists of much new info including car custimization , nitro in cars , flash fm returning from vice and the new fighting manners and stealth kills , go to www.gtascraper.com for more info.
  7. kuniva


    incase alot of yous havent noticed on the main site there are miniclips showing how things like the barbers are going to work it also shows a beach party , a police chase ( which shows off the new ai ) and a set of rival gang members there is also alot of info and pics to be found on the site which is very cool.
  8. kuniva

    why not XboX

    it will come out on xbox within a year or even less
  9. kuniva

    Will You Pre-Order GTA:SA?

    i pre-ordered mine a few weeks back , well i dint because im not 18 either but my mum did. and i've got a tip for any uk gamers who have the game pre-ordered the night before release go to the shop were you pre-ordered it from shortly before release and ask if theyll give you it and if they dont say that a different store has it out already then they will definetly give you the game then and there thats what i got my mum to do with vice city and i got it the day before.
  10. kuniva

    New Staff members

    although i am not playing a direct part in the site i am still looking forward to informing the readers of the site by hunting down information confirmed and rumours.