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  1. Axel98

    [RO]Mituri San Andreas

    Eu cand ziceam daca l-ati vazut pe Bigfoot m-am referit daca l-ai vazut In Joc...dar tare faza!
  2. Axel98

    [RO]Mituri San Andreas

    Este un topic / poll pentru cei care nu se sperie usor.As vrea sa incep eu discutia , dar mi-e sila...asa ca spor la scris!
  3. Axel98

    [RO]Despre GTA

    Cam seaca discutia ... ...Dar incep eu.In primul rand este un pic obositor sa stai sa scrii in engleza , si chiar ma bucur ca au scos site-ul in limba romana.Desi , repet , topic-ul este sec , tot vreau sa scriu ceva : O sa fac un topic cu miturile din San Andreas , cam scary , sa zic asa...Mersi mult pentru ca ati tradus site-ul in romana !(pentru realizatori ...)
  4. Axel98

    Deleted Things from SA

    I´ve read to much and , i heard somewhere this If you look very close in those files ( game art , i think ) you´ll find a monster.This Bigfoot myth , i think it´s a deleted thing by R*.
  5. Axel98

    Next GTA Location

    I would really like that the next GTA will be Reuniting all the places (Liberty City , San Andreas , Vice City ) except the GTA 2 , it´so weird.But i think that the next city will be , like Rogue Element sayed, a revamped Vice City.
  6. Axel98


    First , Tripster , nice image ! And second mine is K-DST Ashes to ashes,Dust to dust!
  7. Axel98

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Did somebody saw an UFO?You know , i usually find them night in desert/forest (those fast traveling light points on the sky).Or the S-x lard in 24/7 shops?