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  1. FiSGTAS

    Crazy Mod Problem. Help!

    Upgrade your Video Card . On my OLD PC i have the same problem .
  2. FiSGTAS

    gta sa part 2?

    Lol ... I think San Part 2 = San Vice
  3. FiSGTAS

    [RO]Despre GTA

    Salut la toata lumea ! Aici putem discuta despre : GTA 1 GTA 2 GTA 3 GTA 4 GTA San Andreas GTA Vice City GTA London Si toate GTA-urile , chiar si versiunile de consola. Multumesc.
  4. FiSGTAS

    Editing GSF members' weapons

    Hi kevin ! There exists an editor for this ... I forrget the name ... But you can find it here...
  5. FiSGTAS


    Hi guys ! I'm new here and i come here with one reason : to download mods and ask questions... There is my questions: I'm a stunter maybe of 1 month and i dont know how to be only me on single player... i wanna mean : no more cars , only me If anybody know please reply !!! FiSGTAS