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  1. OK, I need a more layman newbie answer, I gamed the previous GTAs on PC, but the magnitude of the GTA4 series is such that I only used the two consoles. You can download the games and other things with LIVE, or you can stay offline and buy the DVDs. I bought them and I normally play them offline, so what do I need to know this being my case? Are the patches added already to the store released discs??

  2. I bought mine on the release day and filmed the initial install process for YT, it was on a Dell Latitude laptop, where, you can imagine, the likelyhood of running the game is slim to none. Only a 4200 64MB nVidia card on it! a Centrino 1.73Ghz...which if running around 1.8Ghz and a dual core...would be up to par I think. the most video Ram for this one is 128MB, and I had a Quadro card I wound up misplacing sadly. Still hoping to test that when I find it.

    If you put up YouTube clips, as I plan to do, offer us a link or a thread for that perhaps?

  3. I bought my copy of Episodes for PC, Games for Windows LIVE...

    All that jive.

    Noticed a few hoops you have to go thru installing the PC version which is on two DVD ROMs. One such event is an online varification that you got your copy in complience with the release day Rockstar officially set. Not a whole lotta fun is had doing this, which requires the Internet. You also need Windows LIVE for games, I got regular LIVE for Vista when I bought it, though I doubt it will help me run the game ...

    My main intent for your response is about how your computer is handling the game for PC, exclusively. I read about some new patches [i'd like a link to get the ones I need!] that the PC version is said to suffer, and that alone really worried me, do I need an Xbox360 copy as well? If not, I dunno, I still feel the need to cover my as* if it presents too many issues. My top end machine is running GTA SA nicely at least, and it's taken some time to get that hardware, since the game came out!

    Rockstar are using 6GB machines to run this sucker?!? That's more then I can manage, that's for sure

  4. I'm not a modder, nor online player, so this thread should help people like me who are playing SanAndreas as single player on console or PC. I don't see a current thread off the top. In my case, I bought the PC version and finally got enough horse power to get it running at some good speed. The PS2 console in the past has never let me down and that's how I've played the previous GTA games. I took my PS2 controller over to the PC and laptops I use, so I could game with comfort in mind.

    The keyboard and mouse are totally alien to me. I use keyboard gaming for MAME and Apple software from the 1980s though.

    I would like to know how you cope with PC and console differences for one, I find it harder to game on the PC for a few reasons. One is certainly aiming in the direction you need or want to be facing! Auto and manually aim via the USB adapted PS2 controller gave me a different experience then using it natively on the PS2. I don't know why that is exactly, One might think the analog might actually be stepped up!

  5. Yeah, the title was harmlessly chosen. I couldn't hit on something at the time, so now it's Fanclub

    I agree that the one analog feels strange. Controllers have always been an issue to efficient gaming?

    I like the multiple colors...if only, Sony!?

    I don't know as well the selections of games Worldwide, the ones I see sold locally, used and new.

  6. I used my laptop webcam to cap some screen shots and I'd intended to upload them to PB but let's see if I can get it working directly;

    Attaching the image and it doesnt appear here?!?


  7. Just being present for another Rockstar Opus some years back, there were many who argued at length about the validity of having a number then followed by names for the games in a series on a console. It seemed Rockstar had a plan to break down the GTAs into a more in-depth series, VC, SA, LC, which while LC one might think of GTA3, which most people call GTA 3 when referring to. One could just associate Liberty City with any one of THREE games released, hell, even 4! (GTA4?!?!) That being, the original GTA3, Nintendo DS and PSP's ChinaTown Wars LC, and LC Stories as well as GTA4.

    Well, it should be known the re-visioned Liberty City is out of a fondness to properly represent New York for Rockstar North, much to the city leader's chagrin of course! haha

    Taking that map and using it for CTW and using the old Liberty City revamped for PSP Stories.

    one can tell how someone new to the franchise would have trouble just placing a number after GTA as a game to announce what was their favorite, or game they were referring to in general

    As GTA 5, we are pretty much agreeing that is a good name to follow up 4 with, since there were no plans stated as to a location as late as last year when Dan Houser was interviewed and asked about the status.

    My own opin is that GTA5 or GTA6 be placed around Carcer City.

    Even if Carcer City were to be removed as a fictional city represented, I think, perhaps Detroit in particular comes to mind when I think about it, but the ads in GTA San Andreas promoting tourism to Carser crack me up to this day. Still very amusing to think of what they could actually do with a vivid Carcer 3D map.

  8. I don't, however, when you can get a nice spot, some steady Broadband, it's often search, search, search for new vids you might have missed. I got "turned on" to the free porn sites, I didn't actually go looking, but I've given up magazines, though I collected still pics off the Net, vids are the only way to go nowadays!

    But enough chit-chat.. Let's talk about SEX, baby, Let's talk about You and Me... (Salt N Pepper)

  9. Hi guys/gals

    Want to do a more specific thread about PSP, at this point in the handheld's time on the market, what would be the ultimate MUST own games or UMD discs released so far? What's the best accessory? Model?

    What have you used? I myself am on the third PSP original "fatty"

    Got the firmware updated with a download from the Sony Site and then moved to Duo card, was the easiest method.

    I like the options associated though with Homebrew options, one must watch the Firmware versions and that's another story. Mine was always updated too far to reverse the version installed.

    I bought one UMD movie and have a hard time deciding on any others to get, almost voting for LOST and Dave Chappelle shows.

    The racing games I started with out of a long standing fondness, but I think having the licensed radio of Liberty and Vice City Stories on the PSP, via headphones where the volume sounds better, makes those two games a lot of fun, though like others, I have a hard time without two analog sticks. I think the re-design Must add two analog controls if at all possible. Making it thinner was nice, but it perhaps needs to put on some weight to accommodate better ergonomics

  10. FMV is Full Motion Video, those games were of great interest to me, I think SonicCD gave some idea of how the SegaCD peripheral could allow much bigger, beefed up games I think. The X32 was the one item that never got time to grow a software base. I think it could have fared better then the Atari Jaguar, but they gave that 64bits and it didn't sway anyone from a software standpoint. I think it was a rather ugly looking system to boot

  11. Since all we had to go on was edited for the music and radio content, it sounded like, I assumed licensed track issues, like YouTube blocked in some countries over musical content. I'm surprised they basically gave in with all the uploaded music that still remains on YT. Rights are a big issue as you can tell with that in mind

    However, further speculation was that the content of nudity was so objectionably that Sony has wanted it excised from the game for the overseas ratings system to comply.

    Could be both for all I know, but what say you?

  12. Mine was the Coleco Gemini after the 1970s black and white solid bars and dot based Magnavox Odyssey gaming system, featuring Pong, Smash, and Tennis!

    Still have that one, the Gemini played Atari 2600 carts and has since gone missing.

    After that, Sega Genesis and Master System adapter, I played those old consoles in the stores where they were set up as demos, if not spending quarters on coin op arcade originals!

    After Sega, went to CD based Sega add on, then Goldstar/Panasonic 3DO

    That had Road Rash, a major hit in the higher res.

    Need For Speed original series debut

    Then I wound up with Sega Dreamcast and Sony Playstation

  13. My good buddy from that OTHER big GTA website has started up his own GTA themed site. A few people have done so as well... not unusual, but this was in protest of locked topics and silly bans for Off Topic or Spamming in the GTAF. It's been a long standing issue that members were short lived there due to accessive Mod intrusion to topics. Rather then harp on that, there are issues with that large site that make it a better experience on the smaller sites. I'd been a member there since Vice City.

    As mentioned in my prior posts, I ran afoul of Mods who weren't too keen for whatever reason, While P_____..5 is still formulating a working title for the new site, and adding structure to it, he's allowing banned members to come and join if they can contribute in a positive manner. Just so I'm not advertising someone's site, I don't have the link to present here, but I agree with his idea as we were in communication long before he opted things were getting out of hand enough to warrant the idea for another site.

    I've modified this due to some concern over the content. We're not hoping to compete directly with the GTA traffic to established sites, like this one, but offer some amnesty to anyone who was unjustly blocked or just differs from their ranks.

    GTA is a major game, and it's spawned a slew of GTA based gaming forums, but I think you'll find his will be a welcome addition Oasis from the other more strict ones around (not naming names!) haha

    Anyway, to add to this, what other sites for gaming do you partake in as well as GTA Place?

    I'm enjoying my stay so far so I hope not to offend anyone here with this posting.

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  14. Not long, I bet you can manage a couple times a day if not distracted with something! (by yourself OR with others)

    Longest was likely on a trip, with family, that kinda thing. When you are not with people constantly (like work for example!) hahaha

    I'd say a week and half, or something along those lines <G>

  15. I now have Skype, where it's most useful, a newer model laptop Acer with Crystal Eye webcam built in, Recently added the webcam to YIM , or Yahoo! instant Messaging....also supported.

    If you want me on Yahoo, it's Billslamman

    On Skype, YeOldeTechy <G>

  16. You Tube that makes you watch? What I really want to ask is what parts of YouTube make it one of THE premier Hot Spots on the Internet??

    YouTube is what? 5 years old now? I read a recent blurb that the first video was of a boy walking around the zoo. Not anything Earth shattering, but now every other video sharing site pales in stark contrast to the bright glow of the now Google operated YouTube.

    Well, I just actually paid visit to Funny or Die on the site, as well as Michael Moore's own channel over there. And some artists and record companies found their own way to YT video sharing. Not only that but movie promotion and tech how tos are also in abundance. Imagine yourself without YT!! I dare ya

  17. I loved it, I don't care if it's a grasp, Obviously if you are going on the E-ticket ride that Mr. Roland Emmerich offers you, You have to have SOME idea what that entails? From what I read, some people still didn't know what they were getting.

    I loved ID4 as well, but from the deleted scenes, you know they had some ideas that were better left grounded (biplane attack on the alien mothership!??)

    Anywho, the point is, some of the best graphics I've seen in an end of the World pic, and most of it I could accept as possible. I really enjoyed it and I'm an old geezer

  18. With the Current Windows 7, Microsoft has made some bold moves away from Vista, when not along ago, they were doing double time to supposedly do 'damage control' on Windows Vista. To show how awesomely spectacular an OS it was.

    Windows 7 is a ground up reworking to repair the "holes", as you know"S", with Vista in general

    I got word from a good buddy who is doing IT with input from MS sources, presently MS plan to shift focus more squarely on Windows 7, in effect dropping support for Vista OS sooner then it will for XP.

    Nothing is too etched in stone, but MS will extend SP3 expanded XP installs into 2020 perhaps, at least a much longer stay of execution as previously thought!

    XP is so popular with most folks, it may even return to store shelves at retail! MS is considering this, due to the large pickup it saw in online demand. I have this from a trusted source, so we shall see what plays out.

    At the moment, you best install the Service Packs or the MS online support of anything not updated...won't suffice

  19. Sega CD, a rather large and spendyh add one became part of the game system before it became Supplanted in the console evolutionary war

    My question to you is have you experienced 16 bit Sega CD action? One of the first systems I used with real video on CD gaming. Based off the earlier idea of optical disc 12 inch games in the arcade like Dragon's Lair and MACH 3.

    The Philips CDi systems as I recall was out around the same time, as NEC as well. I only invested in the Sega for the most part, I wonder if there's anyone else. What games do you remember? What did you favor? What do you think the value might be? I wonder because I've been told the value seems to be going up, For me, hard to say, really.

  20. I play guitar, real guitar... not so dang good. but I still like it, so no one can talk me into giving it up.

    The other thing is singing, as a family we went to Church and sang hymns.

    I think that really does train you to sing and improve. Most of my rating goes to singing better then playing anything on a guitar hahaha

  21. I liked the idea of this topic over at that other related forum...um? Something or another. Well, there were plenty of suggested listening ideas in that thread, hopefully the idea to turn you on to something new will result here as well.

    I was enjoying multiple version of Robin Trower last night, and here to share with you...

    Day of the EAGLE


    As for the Wire? I've never seen it because I boycotted cable TV long ago, it's just so much crap you pay for, there are some redeeming channels or shows.

    Solomon Burke is supposed legend.. I was made aware of him when he guested a Rolling Stones concert. Major Stones fan. 8/10 for that song, I don't know too many actually!

  22. 1993? I meant 2003, I was intrigued by GTA3 and picked it up. I didn't get far in it before Vice City really tipped the tables in terms of my interest in GTA games. The top down format just had no appeal, though some have liked both types of GTA.

    I suggest some form of Integrated graphics because the games before GTA4 were designed or spec'd from earlier machines in 2000 that didn't have a lot of horsepower. 64MB is the minimum for SA as I recall, 128 to 256 MB range, if not.

    The processor is an old carry over Pentium4 HT at the highest speed I could get locally; 3.2Ghz

    The shared Ram is added to dedicated so I am giving the on-screen spec I read as 224 or something shared RAm, the MSI board shares total nearly 300MB. I'm running GTA3 on my D800 latitude laptop, has a Go GeForce 4700 or something with 64MB on the gfx card, stops at some moments like it will freeze up, an error the PS3 game of GTA4 had too often, and Xbx360 had some of the time. However, it never freezes terminally, it just seems like it some times

  23. I sold mine during the recession, a refurbed 60Gig, keeping the drive for future use, hoping to save the stored content, if I got a slim model I am sure it would not work, but I figure another old 60G model might accept the previous formatting when booting, but people say it won't work without formatting anew each time. Recent news has it that Sony intents to compete with Nintendo's Wii market with their new controller, so we shall see if they can handle that fight well enough. One member of another site suggests a new PSP from Sony, and I'd like to see one with a much better screen, it's the biggest gripe I have about the PSP is the screen somewhat hurts the eye with it's ghosting and low light, slowness response, etc.

  24. I'm new to this site but a long, age old GTA fanatic from way back in 1992/3

    I am getting new computers up to running GTA, one is an Acer Aspire without a graphics card expansion port,

    but has Intel GMA 950 graphics and shared max ram over 220MB. The other are desktops with PCI-e but using Intel chipset or nVidia graphics Geforce 7100. The MSI board uses 3100 series Intel Graphics with the chipset G31, I downloaded the Intel graphics and chipset driver that has worked with this board, wondering how well anyone can expect the game to handle? San Andreas or better? I've gotten relative smoothness out of the GMA 950 with the right driver for the Acer laptop gaming, still slows down on heavy objects with lots of action on screen. Ram for the 3100 (IIRC, will check) is nearly 300MB shared and dedicated.

    Not much, sure, but I started with the built in video, for the main boards, the GF7100 is causing some install and run issues, I bought an 8600 nVidia card to use ultimately, but not sure which "bed" yet.

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