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  1. I just wonder if Abeer's coming back after V's announcement...

  2. So, ma Rep is 10, and I am "Good" now... Cheers :P

    1. Ivan


      No, you're bad!

    2. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      Not what ma profile says... :P

  3. Done it. No cheats, didn't spend anything, saved exactly where you did. http://www.mediafire.com/?b9dauk6sd11ww80
  4. I agree with TUN3R, that scene looks just like a cutscene. Plus, having to open doors (or kicking them) would just make things worse: If you are running from the police, and wants to enter a safehouse and save the game, which one would you prefer, to open/kick the door, or to have the door working like in GTA IV? EDIT: Phoenix? Fuck Yeah!!!
  5. Well, V-Rock was originally in Reddick, then moved to Vice. Anyways, I don't think it'd have existed in the GTA IV universe, much like every other radio station in the GTA III universe (with the exception of Chatterbox). Plus, the V-Rock Hotel and Casino was a parody of a Rock-themed Casino in Las Vegas.
  6. I don't think it's bad because it's one city, I think it's bad because this city is Los Santos. I hate it, mainly due to that gangsta shit. =/
  7. I feel like this place's gonna be active once again... :D

  8. Yeah, Venturas seems to be there too. Now we only gotta find San Fierro...
  9. I guess it's SA. Or at least Los Santos plus the Countryside...
  10. San Fierro? Well, nothing for now. But, if we gonna have the whole San Andreas, I guess San Fierro might be coming too.
  11. So, lemme see... Los Santos is there, Countryside is there. Near the end I think I saw one of those machines you find in the middle of Bone County, so I guess we'll have the desert (and Venturas). Oh, I didn't see the dog either. EDIT: More specifically, at 1:03.
  12. I could only watch it in 240p... Btw, didn't figure out if it's LS or SA either.
  13. Knowing Rockstar as we do, there's a huge (I mean, really huge) chance that's exactly what's gonna happen. But, we'll only know it tomorrow
  14. Textured. But obviously they'd make it from scratch, and San Francisco is an awesome city, in ma opinion. Plus I loved that car tuning shit from SF
  15. I just hope it ain't Los Santos, I hated that gang-related stuff from SA and rarely went to LS. San Fierro or Las Venturas would be pretty cool though.
  16. Yeah, but after I saw the Spades suit inside the V, i began to believe that it'll be in Venturas (even though I wanted it to be in Vice )
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