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  1. In an alleyway Downtown, not sure, but I guess there's also a Body Armor there. Q: What happens after you get the 100 hidden packages?
  2. OnLive already works here in Brazil. But with 300kbps costing $40, I don't think I'd be able to use it...
  3. And you weren't, right TUN3R? . Anyways, what I meant was that your first post in this thread (ze ASCII facepalm) was EXACTLY the kind of thing TUN3R would post, get it?
  4. I think you're learning how to behave in a forum, MrGTA... With Tun3r.
  5. I don't think yours is worth a "FFFUUUU". Mine certainly is: u jelly?
  6. On a hill in Flint County, and on a building near the Hunter Quarry. Q: Who is Little Weasel?
  7. If life turn its back on you, backstab it :P

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    2. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      Ye, but I was making a TF2-related joke :P

    3. Samil


      And I made an American-related joke.

    4. Miles Pedro Prower
  8. After five years on the east coast, it was time to go home.

    1. Samil
    2. Damjan


      @Samil: You buried him with that comment.

  9. No, Tun3r. It needs a 69th century PC to run decently. With low settings.
  10. I really can't understand how can people here say Physics is hard and Math is easy...

  11. Well there are many musics that I like, but this one is special, I almost cry when I listen to it There's also this one, pretty good actually. Actually, it reminds me of someone... Now this one is awesome. Awesome Anyways, there's plenty of music I like. But these are my favorites (except for November Rain, ain't one of my favorites, but, well... Who here never fell in love?)
  12. Okay, TUN3R, I won't say this isn't spam... It isn't even a comprehensive one o.o'
  13. I did. But only on GTA 2, didn't play even 2 hours of GTA 1.
  14. Be thankful you weren't here when Abeer was...
  15. Bully got banned here not there . And yes, it sucks to be me, or to live here
  16. Steam isn't even available here. We have to buy game using International credit cards, as they don't accept "Only valid in Brazil" ones
  17. None of the GTA games weren't. Bully was banned mainly due to the child related violence, and also because our government is a dick
  18. Didn't play Bully (it's banned here), but my friends who played (pirate, obviously) say it's awful. Anyways, I'd love to get LA Noire for PC, but I don't think my crappy PC would run it (GTA IV ran bad on med-low settings).
  19. My apologies for everyone in this 9/11. Dunno if it'll make you feel better, but even though I love the AK, I always play as CT in Counter-Strike, never as Terrorist :P

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