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  1. Google Image Search Game

    Link to Pyro pic New word = WTF
  2. Cool Screenshots

    I love doing stunts
  3. w00t! w00t!

    Merry (early) Xmas
  4. w00t! w00t!

    ? o_O **on topic** SPREAD THE JOY
  5. w00t! w00t!

  6. Post your desktop

    My crappy desktop v_v
  7. Your age

    15 turning 16 next July *looks at chris82's sig* git ¬_¬ *is jealous* >_>
  8. Google Image Search Game

    o_______________________O New word = flange >_>
  9. Google Image Search Game

    >_> New word = stretchy
  10. ghost town

  11. Cool Screenshots

    w00t \m/ >_> I got my new pc on the 10th December. Plays VC and GTA 3 like a dream
  12. So I got owned in VC

    LOL Chris! Might try it one day!
  13. *marks down 10th June*

    I stand by my sig >_> I have the PC version of Vice City as well but it's *coughdowncoughloadedcough* >_____> I got the 3 PS2 GTA's and the Double Pack on day of release. I got the PC version of GTA3 when I noticed it for cheap a few months ago (£10! >_>)
  14. *marks down 10th June*

    I do have a PS2. >_> Had one for years
  15. *marks down 10th June*

    I'm getting BOTH the day it comes out