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  1. does anyone use it cos it is really effective at making sigs and avatars and its free heres some of the stuff i made more to come The_Black_Watch.bmp
  2. Busby

    Take-Two Explains The GTA IV Delay

    Oh well it means there some extra money that you buy one of the other good games coming out this year And btw GTA: SA came out the same time as Halo 2 and I dont think there was much competition
  3. Busby

    Confirmed Vehicles

    OXM just revealed that the the Comet will be making a come back, whether it will be a new or old model is yet to be seen.
  4. Busby

    GTA IV At The Microsoft E3 Press Conference

    Yeah well R* will be keeping things low profile as usual
  5. just thought i would say as it wasnt confirmed which console they were running on
  6. Busby

    GTA IV At The Microsoft E3 Press Conference

    Hehehehe, beat you to it, sorda! I was thinking about putting it in there, but I thought everyone knew that. (Who didn't know all the other stuff two though? lol) Edit: I updated the post, thought it over and remembered that, that was never mentioned before. (At least I don't think it was.) I gave you credit aswell. Thanks MishoM for the credit, Peter Moore was bragging a lot in that conference but just wait for the Sony one tonight see what they have to say.
  7. Busby

    GTA IV At The Microsoft E3 Press Conference

    looks like you posted this just before me and you forgot to mention that both trailers were run on the 360
  8. At Microsofts E3 press conference they announced that both of the trailers that rockstar released ran on Xbox 360
  9. Busby

    Confirmed Vehicles

    You Can see the Bobcat at the front (Bottom)
  10. Busby

    Confirmed Vehicles

    Because it's called the Stallion so that connects it with the Mustang
  11. Busby

    The ^<v Game

    ^ Is Chilean < Had to look up what you call someone from Chile v Is cold
  12. Busby

    Confirmed Vehicles

    No offence but you need to visit the 'sig rules' topic. And if it's stemmed from another statement, tjhen why shouldn't we debate, though offtopic somewhat, it's fairly relevant. Right then lets debate about whether this topic should have a running debate over the Stallion. Translate that.
  13. Busby

    Confirmed Vehicles

    No offence but this topic is about spoting cars in the trailer not arguing whether the stallion is a Ford or a Pontaic
  14. Busby

    Confirmed Vehicles

    Okay so I was wrong the Sabre isn't based on the Charger but the car that i pointed out looks like a Charger!We need HD screens for the cars in the backgroundWe need some HD screenshots for the cars in the background
  15. Busby

    little things

    A bike helmet, really? I thought i was a trailer for Halo 3