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  1. helloonurse

    Favorite clothing?

    Depends on the hat. He'd look sexy as all hell with one of those classy hats Frank Sinatra used to wear. I don't know why he never wore something like that. Would've looked good and a sniper would have complimented the outfit.
  2. helloonurse

    Favourite Song On Vice City

    My god, this is like choosing a favourite Final Fantasy X song. It's damn near impossible. I love all the shit
  3. helloonurse

    So I got owned in VC

    Words cannot express how happy it makes me that this happened to you.
  4. helloonurse

    Tommy Vercetti quotes

    [To a hooker] "Call me Tommy, sweetheart and make yourself comfortable." He sounds as though he's smiling.
  5. Definitely!

    How is everything? :)

  6. Hey Miss :) Hope all is well!

  7. helloonurse

    Tommy Vercetti quotes

    What I mean by "during the game" was excluding cutscenes, but those are pretty good quotes as well While getting chased by the cops: "I'm innocent!" Picking up a prostitute: "Let's go somewhere more private." Doing a prostitute: "Where can we get a little privacy around here?" There are actually a lot of things I haven't heard Tommy say yet.
  8. Work, work, work :|

    I kind of like that this isn't a busy site, actually. It's like a nice little town.

  9. I'm ok. I'm working on a few things myself, that's prob why I can't come here as often as I like. That is likely true for many of us, lol :)

  10. I'm pretty good. I'm gonna be pretty busy today, though. Stupid homework.


  11. Yes, this site seems pretty dead, lol. How are you?

  12. helloonurse

    Tommy Vercetti quotes

    Passing a cop who was chasing him on foot (1 star): "Can you call my lawyer? His name's Rosenburg."
  13. helloonurse

    Tommy Vercetti quotes

    Tommy tends to say things while things are happening during the game. For example: Taking money: "I still need pocket money, pal!" After getting hit by another vehicle while in a vehicle: "Dumb. Florida. Moron." Getting shot by the cops: "Go shower with the guys!" After shooting someone: "Don't be a wise-guy." There are so much more for other things I haven't even mentioned. Post them.
  14. That's quite all right. Is this site usually pretty dead, or what