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  1. happy bday pal!

    1. MK47


      Year and a bit late, but thanks all the same :D

  2. If you were given a chance to name the next GTA,

    I'd just call it Grand Theft Auto. 8D
  3. Interviews

    Yeah but this is a forum game, not an actual interview.
  4. Interviews

    Formspring could be used for this also?
  5. Minecraft

    I've shown this to all my friends haha, they're hooked too, thanks for getting me into this xD I used the first shelter guide you posted, and I've basically done that but added things onto it. I've put wood planks on all the walls and put torches around so it actually looks cozy with my little furnace and everything ^^
  6. Minecraft

    Saw this post yesterday, got the game, I'm now addicted.
  7. Grand Theft Wiki Reborn

    YES. Got the username Mark. Achievement Unlocked.
  8. What are you currently playing?

    MW2 until further notice, fuck I love this game.
  9. Your first console.

    Mega Drive, ah, those were the days <3
  10. Openly Gay?

    Gerard you just gained my ultimate respect for life.
  11. Post your mugshots v3!

    Oooooh a camwhore thread, gimme gimme gimme.
  12. What happened?

    It's not just you man :/
  13. Favorite Character?

    http://gta.wikia.com/Donald_Love Look it up man.