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  1. Vote for the sigs for me

    i also like the 2nd one
  2. GTA Advance Fake Boxart

    its good .. cept i dont like the blue "advance" text much
  3. Make me a sig

    would be better if the white things on the bg werent there.. and if it was more GTA : SA Related.. otherwise its good.
  4. Make me a sig

    i prefer the first one... the second one is a tad bit to simple. Overall, your usual style of breaking out from the default rectangle sig.. is quite nice.
  5. Time for a new sig

    this is the best i could do in 5 mins...
  6. Time for a new sig

    nope its preety easy.. using the clone stamp tool.. ill just need some time.. not now though.. skool.
  7. Make me a sig

  8. Banner Contest

    Heres my submission (this is the sumbission thread as well yea)? ??
  9. Make me a sig

    Heres my submission..
  10. Sig.

    im new here.. and herse me siggy.. rate it or comment on it (constructive).. any areas of improvement? thanks...