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  1. When u get on de game go to options audio, scan tracks and der u go. Yr welcome Peace
  2. The lastest update made my game lag like a mother fucker anyone else had dis problem ?
  3. Go in and get ur saved game, but get the files just in folder that says something like 654767667 etc put the files on ur desktop. Then delete the folder and the saved game. Start up the game log into live start, new game then get off the game. Go to where the game saves ur saved games open the folder it should be like 244354565 or something and put ur old saved game in it. This thing kinda happened to me but just a little differently. Hope this helps Peace Out !
  4. Funny, as that's the reccommended requirement. I have an ATi 3850, which is below the reccommended (slightly) and the game runs really smoothly. Perhaps it's programs running in the background or something? I'm running it on a laptop 8600GT It runs fine now I just had to turn my antivirus off
  5. When I play multiplayer it will cut me off sometimes because it says my computer is running too slowy. But I'm running vista busniess service pack 1, dull core 2.8ghz, 3gigs off ram and a gig nvidia geforce 8500 gt, plus I'm running cable internet. Why is this shit happening ?
  6. Have u guys installed the 2nd patch well I did and before with the previous patch I could use my logi controller, but now with the new patch it dont' work i'm gonna try and reinstall and see if that works . Anyone else havin this prob ?
  7. U dont have to do all that shit just go to computer and at the top left it says organize click that then go to folder and search options, then click view and select show hidden folders then click aplly that's all u have to do.
  8. Well r they worth the download ? Or maybe we should just wait, there is a new forceware anyways 181 !
  9. The forceware that was realesed by nvidia was beta drivers. Theses drivers aren't even on nvidia's website site so they aren't even beta. I think I'll wait for the BETA DRIVER from NVIDIA !!!
  10. Yea I did my research and these are leaked drivers. Why not wait for the official drivers from nvidia ? Plus the drivers are not signed so u r takeing a risk. I think I'll play it smart and wait for the official drivers from Nvidia. Don't believe me click on this link- http://www.guru3d.com/news/download-geforc...xpvista-driver/
  11. You mean the graphics card is incopatible with the drivers or the game? I am quite sure that GTA4 would't run on a 8400gs though.. yea it would cause thats what i'm playin gta 4 on. IT WORKS !!!
  12. Hey has anyone been playin online and it come up and say u have been disconected because ur computer is running to slow ? Can someone help with this ?
  13. Hey has anyone applied the new patch gor gta iv ? Well I did cause it said it would support input devices and help with graphics. Well it does make my dual analog Logitech controller work, couldn't tell much difference in the graphics. But here's the thing that really pissed me off. Gta iv never messed up on me before I applied the patch, well after I put the patch on the game it sometimes says app crash and all them good things. I just hope for Rockstar's sake that the next patch don't mess up the game, but then agian all I CAN DO IS HOPE !!!
  14. It is a version compatibility error. I had the same problem when I ran no CD hack on mine. Games prior to that version won't load so the game defaults to new game. If you downgraded the version or using the no CD hack or maybe the people who made the saved game are running the other version. JAB What do I need to do download the patch ?
  15. I can't figure out why when I put a save game into my documents and start up up the game and load the save game it starts the game from the start. I've downloaded many saved games from this site and they all do the same thing.
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