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    Criminal Ratings

    Nope as i didn't know any at the time when it came out.
  2. vandal06

    Unwanted GTA IV Features

    I know but that you are starting to feel hungry message came up all the time so i gave ccj like five super size meals.
  3. vandal06

    Criminal Ratings

    Executioner i this rank but can't go any higher i got way over 70000 numbers
  4. vandal06

    across the river lake thingy

    Tried it and died too bad for me.
  5. vandal06


    Don't think so i got v1.00 and all i downloaded was a Mod Installer then installed some mods
  6. vandal06

    Maverick AND Hearse?

    Yep took me ages to get a Hearse but i got one where Noz51 said round the back of the Hospital in Staunton Island
  7. vandal06

    Unwanted GTA IV Features

    Becoming fat i hated it i got into a police chase and couldn't fast enough to get away from them.
  8. vandal06

    Introduce Yourself..

    Name: vandal2k6 Age:16 Location: Scotland, Uk Some members may know me from gta-series.com like ITBTD