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  1. crazy-pidgeon!

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    That would be cool, Ride a kangaroo
  2. crazy-pidgeon!

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    Queens isnt a city plus its in GTA SA
  3. So you wouldnt like summing new, something that can blow summing up he size of grove street, plus its hYdra And this thing http://www.newscientist.com/data/images/ns...n1793-1_185.jpg
  4. A gyro-copter? a UFo and A Radioactive missile loaded b2 stealth bomber
  5. crazy-pidgeon!


    Meh, My mate quit, And we was gonna send it to R* but we didnt know any way of contactiong, so im gon na make a mod 4 just the islands to go off the coast of SA ive started it already to get to SF you need to cross the rickety bridge, If anyone has got MTA : SA you would know that you can create islands and if u have X island mod it seems as if it has been made with MTA, one question remains: HOW!?! + a little off topic your ideas for a GTA game
  6. crazy-pidgeon!

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    No dude im saying Gta 1 and Gta2 Span across Libert city (which at the time thought of it being new York due to places like Brocklyn- Brooklyn and Brix-Bronx) Vice City ( Being miami because of mplaces like Vice beach-Miami beach and Vice shore- Miami Shores-) And finally San andreas(Based on California and the other state where Las vegas is in, due to places like Chinatown-as it is- and Glen wodd- Glewood park-) But they couldnt fit ALL of SA VC and LC in because of it being a 16.7 million colour top down view 1997 game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anybody who has actually played 1 &2 please tell this guy
  7. crazy-pidgeon!


    Calm down dude, It was gonna be a guy Called Danny Zee, A mixed rce man, Coz we couldnt decide if he was gonna b black or wite so, Meh Oh and watch my five uncles , hee hee that show seemed so funny
  8. crazy-pidgeon!

    Vehicles in future GTAs

    AGH, The amount of people who say " better phyics"" when u crash your front bumper you cant drive"t now or in 20,000,000,000 years, The reason Burnouts crashes are so good is because thats what the companys main focus was(CRASHES). R* have to create a massive virtual World, A.I, Over 100 Vehicles with unique handling and durability R*M some slack Dude
  9. crazy-pidgeon!

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Wait a second u just got all them easter eggs and glitches from a piczo site, the links in 1 of these forums!!!! U should be banned for taking credit of other peoples work!!!!!
  10. crazy-pidgeon!

    Who do You Think Will be the Main Character?

    oz aint got around to playing the godfather yet but if uve played the getaway2 BM. U do a mission in the snooker hall as mitch (the bent copper) where in a cinematic hes looking at the boxers dead coach, later on in the game you play as a girl called sam doing a mission in the same snooker hall where u climb on sum duct thing and in a cinematic you se mitch looking at the boxers dead coach. And i dont think they will make lnace vance the main character as he dies! Lol:D
  11. crazy-pidgeon!

    Vehicles in future GTAs

    Lol. Soz about that
  12. crazy-pidgeon!


    Hi does anyone know how to use Zmodeler 2,or does anyone have any dff files i can " borrow" please
  13. crazy-pidgeon!

    Vehicles in future GTAs

    By the way, Back to the first post on this topic. Gerard wasnt there a hovercraft in SA? the vortex
  14. crazy-pidgeon!

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    soz if sum1 has already told u this but, Gta1 and GTA2 is liberty city, vice city and san andreas all in one, have u ever played it?
  15. crazy-pidgeon!

    Unwanted GTA IV Features

    Being a gangster is da best. But in all the GTAs they say that wen u get 100% u rule the city, When i comleted gta3 i fort ppl would bow down to me:D. R* i want ppl to bow down b4 and to get girlfriends pregnant and raise a kid, oh and a pet dog lol Thnx for welcome,