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  1. -Both America and UK to feature in same game. -Selectable characters. -Ability to date and chat with random peds. -All shops and buildings unlocked. -Bring back the businesses for sale from VC. -More fighter jets, preferably an F-14 Tomcat and MiG 29 Fulcrum -Working petrol pumps and fuel gauges. -Improved ped AI -Harsher cops (selectable difficulty level hardest means they bust you for speeding and red lights)
  2. theres no animals for the same reason theres no children.
  3. Theres a big problem with setting it in the future.... ...what music are you gonna put in it? I reckon it should be set against the backdrop of the Y2k celebrations.
  4. *tchoh* i'll have to play later on and double check. Unless we're playing different versions. Mines PS2, whats yours?
  5. should this be kept in the next game and do you have any ideas for girlfriends? I think you should be able to date any woman you meet in the street, and not just have to drive around looking for 6 or 7 spread round the map.
  6. Some of the girlfriends seem to have been based around the training, such as shooting and driving. I reckon their should have been a 'flying' girl living near the verdant meadows airfield and a 'boating' girl living near the bayside boating school. Wonder if they'll extend this theme next time.
  7. look again dude, im 90% sure that one at the dam has no gun.
  8. Do you think PSP would be able to handle the San Andreas map? Nah, make it he runs to England, with Kent Paul thus setting the scene for the UK based PS3 game (as it should be)
  9. - F-14 Tomcat - MiG 29 Fulcum - Su 27 Flanker - EF 2000 Typhoon 2 - F1- Tornado - B2- Stealth bomber - F1-17A Nighthawk stealth fighter - A-10 Warthog - GR3 Harrier - Commanche helicopter - Space Shuttle (?) - Hind - Hercules C-130 - Boeing 747 - Airbus- A330 - Jumbo jet - Hang gliders - Micro-lites
  10. Has anyone mentioned Hang gliders yet? also micro-lites would be good. (those little planes similar to hang gliders 'cept they have a small engine)
  11. Sledgehammer would be good... perhaps a hypodermic needle full of poison or knock out drugs?
  12. -character select screen on startup -UK setting (all of UK map with possible access to american cities too) -the return of CJ and Tommy Vercetti (perhaps unite the 2) -More fighter jets -Working atm machines (you have to draw cash out before you can buy stuff) -Ability to start conversations - you can go up and say stuff to people instead of waiting for them to speak -A music shop you can buy your own cds and then listen to while driving between missions - A car shop where you can buy and sell cars. -more intelligent gangs -ability to recruit bigger gangs who stay in the gang even if you leave the city. -If you hire a gang of more than 3 , then they will ALL follow you into a large vehicle such as a bus to allow you to do 8 man drive-bys! -more girlfriends and more game individual personalities, pedestrian types etc. -better pedestrian A.I. - more types of shops, eg. Internet cafe you can go online, retreive e mail etc? -Prisons- Instead of paying fines or bribes or whatever you actually get sent down and have to escape in order to carry on the rest of the game.
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