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  1. I actually moved to San Jose a while ago, but I still go down there to see family.

  2. hey, your sig is wrong.

    its not a "GTR 34"

    its a "GTR R34"

    R34 being the generation, and GTR being the package.

  3. you dont really have a 98 wrx do you?

  4. Hey nice name.

    But it only makes sense if you live in japan...

  5. tilly

    thanks, it took me a little while a LONG time ago.

    (the photoshop)

  6. lol you not like her or something?

    yeah im trying to help my uncle and his wife lady with a picture. im making them look like twice as young, less fat, and have better skin.

  7. actually it is a previous girlfriend.

  8. yeah i was just trying to make it obvious that they suck.

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