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    Girls, Games, Movies, Music: Linkin Park, Cyprus Hill, Mutemath,<br />NWA, the Subways, Lynch Mob, CKY, Public Enemy, Gorillaz, Deltron 3030, Ivory. Movies are huge to me. Chris Tucker is a good comedic icon. Rush Hour1+2 are great. MICHAEL MANN IS A GENIUS WITH THE HIT MOVIE, HEAT! Pulpfiction is one of my favorites too. the Godfather was the best mafia movie ever made. GTA of course is my favorite franchise. Graffiti is a huge influence<br />(and not the mediocre scribbles) to me. Whoooo JACKASS! I watch<br />allot of cartoons like the Simsons, Family guy, Futurama, Robot Chicken, & South Park. Martial arts and knives are many of things<br />I like. Bruce Lee Cope2 and Sam Houser are some of my heroes.

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  1. Erm, doesn't that like, lower your cred/rep/whatever if you're using a STENCIL? I believe it does sir...unless they were good.
  2. word why we glorifying gay vandalism? Anyways its just the repeated skins that piss me off but hopefully they fix that. And the faulty lighting needs to go for sure too.
  3. ...its freakin physically impossible to have the same tag next to each other then have the fool next do the same shit. It would all vary in speed of execution, ink quality, drips, and surface. Legends that have been bombing for 20+ years say that every tag is unique, no handstyle is completely the same. It does have the same style but no tag can be coppied perfectly...I get what your trying to say but you can't deny that shit son, peace.
  4. Jesus i dont f*cking believe it
  5. ZEI

    TGTAP Is Five!

    wow yea I've been comming here for gta info for years but I registered only late this summer! Happy 0-5 years! And yea I have become active again do to recent news on gta iv.
  6. for a while ive been cruzing the mod sections and i realized gta 3 has some of the largest, most solid full-blown game mods ever created. Now i ponder the question, "is gta3 the best modding game in the series?" post your reasons why or why not.
  7. word? damn that sucks...i guess that's the danger about being surrounded by a lot of windows.

  8. tilly

    thanks, it took me a little while a LONG time ago.

    (the photoshop)

  9. I usually don't get caught.. I have lookouts, that time was because damm security saw others hitting up the walls from the 3rd floor..

  10. wow, makes you think about how much people need video games
  12. blah blah blah, politics...i'm the kind of guy to start anti-tyrant riots. I hate fundamentalists of any kind. yea i was born catholic and even i disprove of some of the things some of the leaders of state as well as church do. the bible carries a relevant message. if you start taking it too seriously you miss the entire point. Even I think that you don't really need the bible to live a moral life. All it's teachings can be found in real life like respect you neighbor, don't lie, kill, f*ck your best friend's wife etc. It bull sh*t how some people twist sh*t around and manipulate things to better suit them. Common propaganda that's all politics is to me. I wouldn't vote for someone because there this party. No, i check the person's character, after all you can't please anybody. Look at our administration today. 2/3 of them couldn't answer some of the questions we could think of because they wanna try to please everyone. I'd rather have a leader that's firm in their opinions than a douche who gets "amnesia" when asked "difficult" questions. ps google shepard fairy, obey propaganda, andre the giant, if you wanna open your eyes to how to shut the system down.
  13. eithier the GAZA strip(sniper, car bombs, and chopp-your-headd-off terrorists) or The Gorilla filled jungles of columbia(not monkeys btw).
  14. i'd rather seem like a pussy by not going starting anything than to loose hundreds of thousands of GI's/Civilians on a guess. ...the one on the right is iran, guess the left one.
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