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  1.  Glad to see this page running still. As others have mentioned, I enjoy looking back as well :) , great times. 


    I've stepped away from the GTA scene since GTA5's release. Looking forward for the next one though now. 


  2. Like others have said, people get busy with life (And the long wait of R* with GTA releases kills the fun). I was kinda active around here and other GTA communities such as GTAGaming before, and my age was around 15-16 yrs old then. Now I occasionally just check GTAForums just for GTA V, once that is done I'll check very few times.


    Before I would actually stick around daily after a release.   R* needs to speed it up a little more, hopefully after V they start working on another GTA title faster, so maybe new members can stick around more and at the same time bring back the old ones.

  3. Okay So I Was Editing Files In Aduacity And I Had Wanted To Make The Audio Louder So I Brought Up Realtek HD Audio Manager . I Really Don't Mess With Computers That Much , But I Pretty Sure I Did Something Bad . Cause From That Point On I Can Hear NOTHING From My Computer . I Even Tried Plugging In Earphones But I Still Can Not Hear Nothing . When I Bring Up Digital Output , There Is A Checkmark And I Before It Was Never There .

    On The Speakers Out Put There Is A Bar That You Can Select: Select Default Device, And Select Communication Device . On Digital Output I'm Not Able To Click On The Bar . And I Think That Is The Problem .

    So Can Anyone Help Me With This Please , Cause It Is Starting To Get On My Nerves Not Hearing Anything !

    Thanks In Return ^_^

    Try System Restore. Pick a date, lets say 2-5 days before this error occurred. Be aware that any installation you did after the date you selected will need installation again. Your Documents should be unchanged.

  4. I also have the slim model, so I'm able to connect fine. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. I'm looking at tuesday for a fix. MW2 only had about 120,000 people online yesterday. And my friends? Only 4.

  5. Is GTAIV Moddable when its on steam? NEED INFO QUICK

    Same question I have. Because I downloaded a 100% Save game from here and followed all the instructions but the game won't start when I add the files. Is there a different way on STEAM to add the save file and probably even mods?


  6. Double post, but there have been loads of problems with finding matches recently on MW2. Some people have even reported being put into a private match with people they don't even know. A patch is in the works however. There's lots of other bugs and glitches to be fixed as well, someone posted this list on the IW forums. Apparently these are for the PS3 version, although I haven't experienced any problems at all to be honest. Only slow matchmaking, which is annoying because it takes too long:

    Glitch on Afghan - video proof seen

    Map Rotation out of sync

    Error unable to find suitable host - Host Migration Error

    HQ Pro - Bar reseting on capture

    HQ Pro - Earning Capture Points though not in the capture point

    Radation Field Glitch

    Missles/Gernade lauchers not carrying on after death

    Entering games that are ending (Connection fault from cod4 not sure this can be addressed)

    Gamemode changing

    Respawn Error

    Game Freezing during lobby

    Killstreak bug - Sometimes killstreaks don't count towards overall killstreak (Not from carepackages)

    Pavelow Killstreak - if you die once does not count towards your killstreak if you earn it going 9-1

    Lobby Mirgration Issues - Kicks party memebers when moving lobbies

    Infinte care package/killstreak glitch

    Preadtor missle error/chopper gunner/ac-130 - when host quits and migration happens the missle still carries on and does not restart, meaing an lost killstreak also chopper gunner and ac-130 killstreaks end when host quits.

    Killcam error - Despite not showing up on hbs, the killcam shows otherwise, cauing misleading reports

    Invite connection error

    Unlocalised Error

    Favela Gilitch

    HCTDM TK's counting as deaths

    PS3 freezing when searching for games

    For the last glitch there, I think that's to do with your internet connection. Mine only freezes when the connection has started to get laggy, so a quick reset and reconnect and it's fine again. Anyone else experiencing problems?

    Add a new one to the list, hacked Prestiges. You can now go to 10th Prestige easily, I tried it on a separate account and it worked. I was thinking about doing it on my main account, but I fear a reset to those who did the cheat. Don't want to start over....

  7. Does anyone else find sniping in MW2 a lot harder than it was in MW1? I used to be pro at sniping in MW1 but the past couple of days I tried in MW2 and I never get many kills at all.

    I agree, I'm not that great anymore either :(. I'm only using guns for now. The only time I'll actually use a sniper rifle is on Wasteland Search And Destroy.

    So far on Prestige 1 Level 50, undecided about going to 10th. I'm really liking 6th prestige.

  8. Just got the game today, and its fucking awesome! Graphics are great, storyline looks like its gonna rock! This store on the Mall began selling it early. Luckily I overheard some guy talking about and went to see if it was the real deal, and real it was. Get this game!

    Thank God I decided to go to the mall with my parents, I was too lazy to go, but then remembered I needed to get GTA IV for PC, so I went. Great decision I made.

  9. Additionally, the first piece of DLC has seemingly been dated for Spring 2010, via, of all the places, an energy drink called 'Monster'. Here's a link - http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=224591

    And here's the quoted article:

    An Activision energy drink promotion has dated the first piece of Modern Warfare II downloadable content.

    Energy drink 'Monster' is flogging, among other things, "5000 MW2 Map Pack codes", which it reveals is planned for release in spring 2010. You'll probably be bored of the vanilla disc maps by then. Maybe.

    Infinity Ward revealed earlier this year that it plans to release at least two Modern Warfare 2 map packs, with first access given to owners of the Xbox 360 version.

    A message on the side of the new Monster cans reads: "Creator Infinity Ward hooked us up with an advanced copy of MW2 and we were so stoked on the game we put it on our can." We reckon money was probably involved too.

    Its not the first DLC:


    Heard its out sometime this year, just a limited exclusive.

    World Premier Trailer #2:

  10. Its not true, there was a similar topic like this at another forum, and someone posted a link that said it wasn't true. It was a reliable source, from what I remember.

    Uh, she's admitted to it according to a link posted earlier.

    No, that's just bs, the same writing I read elsewhere.

    Its a joke, of course someone will write something up just to make it believable.

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