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  1. Glad to see this page running still. As others have mentioned, I enjoy looking back as well , great times. I've stepped away from the GTA scene since GTA5's release. Looking forward for the next one though now.
  2. Like others have said, people get busy with life (And the long wait of R* with GTA releases kills the fun). I was kinda active around here and other GTA communities such as GTAGaming before, and my age was around 15-16 yrs old then. Now I occasionally just check GTAForums just for GTA V, once that is done I'll check very few times. Before I would actually stick around daily after a release. R* needs to speed it up a little more, hopefully after V they start working on another GTA title faster, so maybe new members can stick around more and at the same time bring back the old ones.
  3. Try System Restore. Pick a date, lets say 2-5 days before this error occurred. Be aware that any installation you did after the date you selected will need installation again. Your Documents should be unchanged.
  4. Download this: http://www.gtapolicemods.com/downloads.php?page_id=185 Should solve your problem.
  5. I have a good feeling this will be a big hit, hopefully destroying MW2.
  6. I also have the slim model, so I'm able to connect fine. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. I'm looking at tuesday for a fix. MW2 only had about 120,000 people online yesterday. And my friends? Only 4.
  7. charger512.I'm on some days.
  8. I'm really more happy to see the morons that said EFLC will never come to the PS3 or PC feel stupid as fuck. Its all business, and that's how I always saw it. Plus R*'s history, exclusive for them always means timed. Yeah 2 years and we get DLC is just too lame.
  9. Same question I have. Because I downloaded a 100% Save game from here and followed all the instructions but the game won't start when I add the files. Is there a different way on STEAM to add the save file and probably even mods? Thanks.
  10. For the last glitch there, I think that's to do with your internet connection. Mine only freezes when the connection has started to get laggy, so a quick reset and reconnect and it's fine again. Anyone else experiencing problems? Add a new one to the list, hacked Prestiges. You can now go to 10th Prestige easily, I tried it on a separate account and it worked. I was thinking about doing it on my main account, but I fear a reset to those who did the cheat. Don't want to start over....
  11. I agree, I'm not that great anymore either . I'm only using guns for now. The only time I'll actually use a sniper rifle is on Wasteland Search And Destroy.So far on Prestige 1 Level 50, undecided about going to 10th. I'm really liking 6th prestige.
  12. Just got the game today, and its fucking awesome! Graphics are great, storyline looks like its gonna rock! This store on the Mall began selling it early. Luckily I overheard some guy talking about and went to see if it was the real deal, and real it was. Get this game! Thank God I decided to go to the mall with my parents, I was too lazy to go, but then remembered I needed to get GTA IV for PC, so I went. Great decision I made.
  13. Its not the first DLC: http://kotaku.com/5274231/first-two-modern-warfare-2-map-packs-timed-360-exclusives Heard its out sometime this year, just a limited exclusive. World Premier Trailer #2:
  14. If Malwarebytes fails, then its more likely SuperAntiSpyware will find it. http://SuperAntiSpyware.com Don't have any Problems, SuperAntiSpyware, has some great protection. SpyBot, has begin to fail, use to be pretty good.
  15. Yeah, you don't need xbox live unless you want to play online. The disc will have both episodes.
  16. This would of been great, back in the days when VCS had just been released.
  17. What's the file type on the pikachu skin? is it just a .txd? Most likely it is, since your replacing skins. Just replace the player5.txd with the Pikachu skin. And always backup just in case you mess up.
  18. Get Avira Free, it has the best detection as of May 2009 and won't slow down a PC. http://download.cnet.com/Avira-AntiVir-Personal-Free-Antivirus/3000-2239_4-10322935.html I don't know why the hell people use AVG, since its detection is sooo horrible. Also try http://SuperAntiSpyware.com for extra protection. I also have Malwarebytes. Haven't had any problems since over a year since I got it.
  19. New Multiplayer Gameplay out:
  20. Here's both of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHnokhwjpHU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_ih7ud-q_c&feature=related
  21. You can change the HDD: (End of video its confirmed) http://ps3.ign.com/dor/articles/1015007/gc-2009-ps3-slim-and-price-drop-announced/videos/gcom09_ps3slim_opening_081609.html
  22. Site looks good, nice update!
  23. Haven't really decided if I should pre order or not, or even if I should order it online. If I do order online, I do hope it arrives earlier than expected.
  24. Combat Arms, was a pretty good game. I don't know why but after a couple of months playing, it just got boring. Might try it out again in a few days.
  25. Uh, she's admitted to it according to a link posted earlier. No, that's just bs, the same writing I read elsewhere. Its a joke, of course someone will write something up just to make it believable.
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