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  1. E-ONE firetruck

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    Its been about 4 years since I have played GTA3 but: The things I disliked about GTA3 were - Not able to swim in the water - The shotguns the Mafia has were far too powerful and they could kill you very easily (I nearly broke the disk in half at one point due to frustration of them keep blowing you up when in a vehicle or pin you down with their shotgun fire ) - There were no Helicopters or bikes - Army could kill you with the M16 in milliseconds - The vehicle phisics were annoying and unrealistic (i.e - If you had a 2 star wanted level and driving a heavy vehicle such as a Barracks OL, Firetruck, Flatbed, Trashmaster etc and and a cop car rammed you head on - you would bounce off the cop car and not vice-versa unless you release the X button just before the impact ) - Peds in cars try to run you over or attack you if they are foot when you blow up a car with the rocket launcher - Gang cars attempt to run you over when try to jack one With all those pointed out I am sure Rockstar was trying to give the gamer a jolly hard time and make the game as frustrating as possible which is why I don't bother with this game anymore. Another I don't like is that Claude does not talk and is very strangely quiet.
  2. E-ONE firetruck

    fave gang car

    I like the Mafia Sentinel because it has good handling and a nice top speed of which I won the Diablo Races with. Though once you do the "Sayonara Salvatore" mission for Asuka - the Mafia shred you with their shotguns if you attempt to drive through St Marks. Its a very car to drive.
  3. E-ONE firetruck

    chainsaw massacre

    Here is the best way to tackle this pain in the rear of a mission. First I suggest you do the noodleboy missions on the scooter which is just outside chinatown. When you do these missions your health is then increased to 125%. Once that is done head on to the mission and on your way down to the freighter's hull there is corridors that branch off but don't go anywhere. There is a .357 pistol in the second corridor on the right and there some armour in the very last corridor on the left as you go down the stairs. Get both pick ups and then head down the stairs. Now you will need to keep your wits about you if you want to win this battle as you will contend with about 20 maniacs with chainsaws of which they will kill you with about 2 strikes if they get close enough. So I suggest using auto aim with the R1 button and shoot as many as you can before they appear onscreen. Now you will have the final battle with vincenzo himself and he is packing an SMG (possibly an ingram). Now how you kill him is entirely up to you. I used a shotgun to take him out which can be found on the jetty near the ferryport and there is a micro-uzi just north of the car-crusher between some huts behind some fence just incase you may need it . Hope this mini-guide helps someone out along their way
  4. E-ONE firetruck

    Maverick AND Hearse?

    There is a Hearse (Highlight to read)parked around the back on the Hospital on Staunton Island opposite the dual parkway. Hope this helps out . Now could someone kindly advise me where I can find the Hellenbach GT ? As I need this for the Love Media sub-mission. I know you can get one from the (Highlight to read) Car Salesman Mission in Portland when you reach Level 5 or something but that is just too frustrating to do me and I keep failing it because of the stupid AI car drivers .
  5. E-ONE firetruck

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello all!! I'm E-ONE firetruck, Some of you may know me already from some of other GTA forums on the Network. But for those of you who don't its a pleasure to meet you all and I will look forward to getting to know most of you . Matane.