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  1. Over the last few days I've been pretty bored, and I decided to play about with IV stunting for a bit and I came up with this little vid. It's a pure bump vid as I couldnt find anything else of interest around the map. This is the 4th vid in my Torque solo series, ironically. Also kinda weird the release date of IV sat right on the same day I released my first vid 3 years earlier. Anyway, this is really a very short vid, poorly edited as ever, but it was fun to make I guess. Filefront Download and Stream YouTube Stream Enjoi.
  2. DeathCobra


    XSA Unbroken XSA is proud to present to you, it's 12th crew vid, Unbroken! The vid was started WAY back in January, and it's finally here! I am proud to say that this vid had hitches, but for once it didn't have to do with the rendering. So please, enjoy! Oh and on a sidenote, this is the last XSA vid that I (Ostits) will be in. I would like to thank XSA for a great year, and I hope that the crew will go on without me. Now, without further words: --------------------------------------- HQ Xvid: Filefactory MegaUpload FileFront (Download & Stream) --------------------------------------- MQ Xvid: FileFront --------------------------------------- LQ & Streaming: Youtube
  3. DeathCobra

    [SA]New Collab Video

    If anyone has any more reps to send, do it NOW. Editing has begun.
  4. DeathCobra

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Thanks to those that have already sent stunts. Gonna check through them soon. As for those that are confused about the sending of stuff, get your .reps, font file (or link where i can download the font), savegame and any custom txds you may have, into 1 .zip or .rar file. If you dont send me all of these files, I wont be able to include you in the vid. Heres a template .rar for those that need it. _Name_here____TGTAP_Collab.rar
  5. DeathCobra

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Collab anyone?
  6. DeathCobra

    The TGTAP Stunting Challenges

    Only 51ft more and youve beat the World Record set by RAD
  7. DeathCobra

    [SA]New Collab Video

    I also need your fonts you want used, unless you want a default one.
  8. DeathCobra

    [SA]New Collab Video

    RAGM are awesome, but they dont really fit the theme that Im looking for in this vid. Personally I was thinking something by Celldweller, Fear Factory or Adema. Anyway just been sorting the intro stuff out, just need to fix a few things involved like the colours being a bit bugged, but what I need most from EVERYONE in this vid is thier savegame, with thier own skin setup ready. Would be very grateful if everyone could PM thiers ASAP so I can get this part done fairly quickly. As for a deadline, I was thinking maybe a monthish for everyone to get stuff done. So if people could have all thier reps to me by say 25th of May, that would be great
  9. DeathCobra

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Yeah Ive got a sweet intro idea, with music to go with it. Anyone stunting for this please do your very best for it. I want to have as little filler as possible. Also if anyone has any nice name ideas or song suggestions, feel free to put them forward
  10. DeathCobra

    Sick Bike tricks

    If you can actually think this vid is even slightly modded your an idiot. Go to gtastunting.com and check out some vids like UnorthodoX, Echo and Impure. They are twice as good as this vid, and not modded either.
  11. DeathCobra

    [SA]New Collab Video

    DareDevil I added you on MSN. Got a few things I want to show you
  12. DeathCobra

    Packer goes insane

    Nah its too random to turn into a new method. Seen it in the credits in some of the very old PS2 vids, Gotups and Buzzsaw old
  13. DeathCobra

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Im also a fairly good editor so if you could plz add me to the editor list
  14. DeathCobra

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Ah god, I guess I should do
  15. DeathCobra

    [SA] Ground Zero

    Was quite a nice solo. Plenty of sweet p2bs, bit too many imo but I cant speak The superbeast remix was nice too. 8.8/10